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  • Valentines Day Furniture

    Valentines Day Furniture

    With Valentine’s Day just around the corner I thought I would dedicate today’s post to the ethereal and mysterious idea that is romance. True love is nothing if not incorporeal and abstract, but it’s expressions are often very material indeed. A symbolic gesture or gift can sometimes contain within itself a depth of feeling that […]

  • From Fire Fights to Furniture

    From Fire Fights to Furniture

    So I came across this interesting furniture concept and thought I would share, but first, a brief tribute to the veterans of that great war. From a grateful nation, we say thank you. Speaking as one who’s paternal grandfather fought in WWII, the single greatest and most pivotal war in the history of our great […]

  • Super Bowl Furniture

    Super Bowl Furniture

    In tribute to the greatest national sporting event of the year, I thought I might share with you all some of the more appropriate Super Bowl furniture items on the market from past Super Bowl match-ups

  • Trending: Mirrored Furniture

    Trending: Mirrored Furniture

    Mirrors have the unique and impressive  design ability to visually expand your space while adding a touch of style. Traditionally, a household mirror, or “looking glass” as they were archaically know, was a primarily functional item, that although decorative and at times ornate, was mostly used for the practical purpose of self-grooming or admiring oneself. […]

  • Freaky Furniture Friday

    Freaky Furniture Friday

    It’s Friday people, so let’s get freaky! This collection of freaky furniture combines elements of the morbid and macabre. Personally I struggle to understand the mind that has dedicated itself to the conceptualization and creation of these pieces, but hey, who am I to judge right? after all, I am posting them on my blog… […]

  • The Luxurious Appeal of Tufted Furniture

    The Luxurious Appeal of Tufted Furniture

    You know how sometimes you just know something. You feel something. You cant explain it but you know its true. To me, this is one of those things. Tufted furniture, whether it’s one of those stately, plush, old fashioned tufted leather chairs like the Executive High Back by Office Star or a more contemporarily modern […]

  • Know Your Furniture: Tuffet, Pouffe and Hassock

    Know Your Furniture: Tuffet, Pouffe and Hassock

    I know it’s fairly unlikely that you will come across these admittedly obscure furniture terms at any point in your furniture experience, and if your in the kind of business were you will, chances are you already know the definitions of these terms. Anyhow, we’ll give it a shot in the off-chance that this post […]

  • Unique Concept Furniture

    Unique Concept Furniture

    Every so often, while browsing a showroom floor or visiting a friend, you come across a piece of furniture that has that ‘it’ quality that makes you pause for a moment and give that particular piece of furniture a second or even a third glance. Sometimes it’s a sleek curve or radical design twist that […]

  • Madison Seating Featured Product: Aeron Headrest

    Madison Seating Featured Product: Aeron Headrest

    Believe me when I say, no Aeron™ chair is ever complete without the stylish, ergonomic and comfort maximizing Aeron™ headrest. Pictured above, this Aeron™ headrest may very well be the ultimate complementary item in the broad and diverse world of furniture accessories. The ultimate headrest for the ultimate executive chair. An accessory option no self-respecting […]

  • Design and Re-design! Continuously Customizable Furniture.

    Design and Re-design! Continuously Customizable Furniture.

    It’s every furniture designers worst nightmare – they have just spent months, maybe years channeling their inner creative genius to create the perfect piece of furniture, a true masterpiece. They win awards, appear on the cover of exclusive designer magazines, and their design is forever enshrined and immortalized in the worlds modern art museums. Sounds […]

  • Know Your Furniture: History of the Hammock

    Know Your Furniture: History of the Hammock

    For this latest installment of the Know Your Furniture series, I thought we might take a little journey back in time and see if we can’t possibly track down the origin and outline a brief history of a particular furniture piece that seems to have been around forever. The Hammock. No doubt we are all […]

  • Alphabetic Furniture

    Alphabetic Furniture

    Hey y’all, Sorry for the brief hiatus. Today I thought we might take a look at a particular furniture design concept that is both innovative and unique as well as being cute and creative. I find myself particularly taken with these pieces in part due to the incredible way that the ingenuity of the design […]

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