WWII furniture

From Fire Fights to Furniture

So I came across this interesting furniture concept and thought I would share, but first, a brief tribute to the veterans of that great war.

From a grateful nation, we say thank you.

Speaking as one who’s paternal grandfather fought in WWII, the single greatest and most pivotal war in the history of our great country, I feel I echo the sentiments of all true-hearted Americans when I say that we will never forget the heroes and heroines who sacrificed everything fighting the evils of tyranny on distant shores.

We salute you. God bless you. God bless America.

To the furniture. This set, pictured below, is know as the Inheritance Collection, and was designed and produced by the talented and famous Stephen Kenn. In the creation of this collection, Kenn combines steel welded frames with custom webbing belts, leather straps, and re-purposed WWII fabrics.

The soldiers who fought in WWII were supplied some of the toughest, heartiest, and longest-lasting textiles of the era. Now considered to be antiques, the fabrics have stood the test of time and have found their way back into use as upholstery for chairs, couches and beds.

The simple, clean lines of the rusted and clear-coated metal lay a sturdy foundation for the soft Swiss mule belts and army-green cloth.

Each piece is one-of-a-kind, and they range from $450 – $5,000.

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