Tufted Furniture

The Luxurious Appeal of Tufted Furniture

You know how sometimes you just know something. You feel something. You cant explain it but you know its true. To me, this is one of those things.

Tufted furniture, whether it’s one of those stately, plush, old fashioned tufted leather chairs like the Executive High Back by Office Star or a more contemporarily modern style like the Elizabeth Occasional Chair by Sunpan Modern (both pictured below), there seems to be an added air of luxurious sophistication about these and most other tufted pieces.

Let’s take a look at few of the many tufted wonders out there, including one piece that sells for a whopping $27,000! Shall we…

Tufted Furniture

This regal beauty is the Executive High Back by Office Star, the first of the two chairs mentioned above. It’s stately appearance and air of command makes it seem like the perfect chair for CEO’s and Fortune 500 Boardrooms. Available right here at MadisonSeating.com at an incredible 53% percent off dealer price! But I digress…


tufted2This next rather more modern marvel, is the Elizabeth Occasional Chair by Sunpan Modern, the second of the two chairs mentioned above. With it’s sleek lines and clean look, this piece would fit right in everywhere from a chic loft apartment to a modern office decor scheme.

Also available right here at Madison Seating at a 38% of MSRP discount.



Tufted Furniture

From chairs to couches, the tufted possibilities are endless, spanning the majority of large home and office furniture items, including beds, chaises and ottomans.

This piece, the Cabot Wrenn Chancellor Tufted Sofa, is perhaps what we may think of as tufted furniture in a more classical sense.

Tufted Furniture
This particular piece is an Aristocrat Sofa by Zuo Modern, the silver color gives it a somewhat futuristic and perhaps a little over-the-top look, but hey, it’s still pulling off the tufted look!

Also available in black or white, right here at Madison Seating at 39% off MSRP.

Notice how the tufted style is equally at home in the old as in the new, one of the many characteristics of the tufted design that makes it both fresh and timeless.
Tufted Furniture

Last but certainly not least, this whimsical,  gaudy, over-extravagant tufted chair is an example of how tufting is often associated with the luxurious designs.

This particular chair is not sold here, (fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your point of view). Titled the “Haute Couture”  and designed by Carlo Rampazzi, this beauty retails at over $27,000.00. Handmade in Italy, the chair is upholstered in button tufted sea foam green silk and encrusted in seashells with silver leaf front legs.