redesignable furniture

Design and Re-design! Continuously Customizable Furniture.

It’s every furniture designers worst nightmare – they have just spent months, maybe years channeling their inner creative genius to create the perfect piece of furniture, a true masterpiece. They win awards, appear on the cover of exclusive designer magazines, and their design is forever enshrined and immortalized in the worlds modern art museums.

Sounds pretty good doesn’t it. So what is the nightmare you ask? Well, the nightmare begins a few months or even years later, when, one day while revisiting said celebrated piece of furniture our protagonist suddenly and to his utter horror feels…nothing!  No sense of amazement, no feeling of intense pride and accomplishment, it has lost its quality of novelty, gone is that old sensation of timeless wonder he would experience every time he would glance at his masterpiece. His once transcendental work had become old, boring and obsolete.

Well, thanks to the ingenuity of the furniture designs pictured below, a certain Raphael Charles will never have to live through this particular design crisis with his creation, “Multiple“. His latest work, a fun, smart and stylish table system makes furniture assembly easy and fun with magnetic beech poles that fit together into various configurations. But most of all, with the obvious ability of the Multiple to be continuously redesigned, he has made it possible for one to unfailingly indulge in their creative whims and never, ever have to suffer the intolerable scenarios of boredom and pococurantism.

Check it out…



redesignable furniture  redesignable furniture  redesignable furniture  redesignable furniture  redesignable furniture

Pretty neat right?

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2 responses to “Design and Re-design! Continuously Customizable Furniture.”

  1. furniturejunky Avatar

    But how practical is this piece of furniture?

    1. Tom Avatar

      I know it may seem limited as a practical furiniture option, but wouldn’t you agree that the ingenuity of the design more than makes up for the slightly diminished functionality?