Herman Miller Aeron headrest

Madison Seating Featured Product: Aeron Headrest

Believe me when I say, no Aeron™ chair is ever complete without the stylish, ergonomic and comfort maximizing Aeron™ headrest.

Pictured above, this Aeron™ headrest may very well be the ultimate complementary item in the broad and diverse world of furniture accessories. The ultimate headrest for the ultimate executive chair. An accessory option no self-respecting “Aeronite” should be without.

Trust me on this one folks, as you are going about your day, surveying your corporate kingdom from the vantage point of your Aeron™ throne, you will inevitably at one point or another lean back in your most comfortable of executive chairs, and when you do, one of two things may happen…

In scenario A, where our reclining friend has not yet purchased the aforementioned headrest, his brief tilt backwards is somewhat stiff and awkward as his back, shoulder and neck muscles strain to support his weighty head.  As a result the recline of our friend is both short and somewhat uncomfortable.

In scenario B however, where our prudent protagonist has indeed purchased the Aeron™ headrest, the reclining experience is altogether different. With both neck and head now cradled in the ergonomic arms of the headrest, the recline is long and leisurely, bringing maximum comfort and ergonomic relief.

To join the ever growing ranks of the scenario B participants, simply click this link – Aeron™ headrest which will instantly navigate you to our site where the coveted headrest is available at the guaranteed lowest prices on the web!

Go ahead, I guarantee this will be a decision your head and neck will be thanking you for for decades to come…