Black Friday and Thanksgiving Furniture

Black Friday and Thanksgiving Furniture

November 20, 2012

Yep, it’s that time of year again folks, so dust off that football, deep fry that bird, and most importantly…lose that lame old knitted cap before your in-laws arrive, and lets get down to the real Thanksgiving business – shopping for great Black Friday furniture deals.

Who doesn’t love black Friday, right? (Well, unless you happen to be employed by Wal-Mart or some such, and are routinely called in for “crowd control” duties halfway through your thanksgiving dinner…) By and large, Black Friday is a win-win for all involved, great deals for consumers, unprecedented traffic for retailers, and a chance for repressed single moms to release some aggression while engaged in a battle to death over the last “Shmop” in aisle seven…

The Powerful and Subliminal Influence of Furniture Colors

The Powerful and Subliminal Influence of Furniture Colors

November 19, 2012

Happy Monday (not!) and welcome back,

Here at the Madison Seating blog, furniture is not only our business but also our passion, and we endeavor to share that passion with the greater furniture loving community at large by touching on a diverse range of furniture related topics. The one aspect of furniture that is perhaps most fascinating of all, (to myself at least) is the apparent subliminal psychological effect certain aspects of our everyday furniture can have on our lives.

I first encountered the phenomenon in an article I posted only a few weeks back entitled “Emotional Instability Caused by…Wobbly Furniture!?”, detailing the apparent effects of unstable furniture on our attitudes and emotional health, but I recently came across an equally fascinating article on the psychological impact individual colors and color combinations and how they affect people in profound, subconscious ways.

Brad Pitt, Actor, Director and…Furniture Designer!?

Brad Pitt, Actor, Director and…Furniture Designer!?

November 16, 2012

So there’s been this rumor going around that some guy named “Brad Pits” or “Bradly Pitt” or something, has announced he is now a furniture designer, and everybody is going crazy about it! The New York Times did a write up on it, People Magazine, the Huffington Post, and now I can hardly get through my morning coffee without some newbie here at the office coming up to me and gushing something like “did you hear…!?” or “Is it true…!?”. Really! Come on people! How many times have we heard this before! Some no-name loser, who couldn’t make it in the real world, quits his dead end job at the local gas station and decides ( the following is to be read while doing your best Homer Simpson impression,) “Hey! I know…I will design furniture!”

AMERICAN DREW! NEW at Madison Seating!

AMERICAN DREW! NEW at Madison Seating!

November 15, 2012

The fine folks here at Madison Seating are once again proud to announce the addition of yet another line of quality furniture makers to their already extensive list of high-end brands.

Introducing American Drew!

American Drew’s product collections cover a broad variety of style categories including traditional, transitional and contemporary. Their collections range from the legendary 18th Century traditional “Cherry Grove”, celebrating its 52nd year of success, to the extremely popular “Bob Mackie Home Collection”, influenced by the world-renowned fashion designer, Bob Mackie.



November 14, 2012

Introducing the Hammary Furniture Company!

The folks here at Madison Seating are proud to announce that they have added yet another top name furniture brand to their already extensive list of quality manufacturers available to our customers.

Hammary, a division of La-Z-Boy Incorporated, is based out of the heart of the furniture world in Highpoint N.C. and the  line is targeted mainly for residential household use. Hammary offers a variety of styles in Occasional Tables, Chairsides, Home Office, Home Entertainment and Hidden Treasures pieces. Table groups contain an assortment of items such as rectangular, square and oval cocktail tables, end tables, lamp tables and sofa tables in a choice of wood or glass tops. In addition to tables manufactured from various species of wood, Hammary also carries tables fabricated from metals such as wrought iron, cast iron or cast aluminum with wood, glass tops, or marble.

So head on over to our store front and browse the new additions!

Wacky Furniture You (Sort of) Wish You Had

Wacky Furniture You (Sort of) Wish You Had

November 13, 2012

I know what your thinking, but no, unfortunately we don’t carry this particular item here at Madison Seating. This is just something I came across while browsing the web late one night (or was it early one morning… I forget…) and I thought I would share it with y’all, along with some of the other weird and wacky furniture concepts out there. Hope you enjoy!

Know Your Furniture: The Chaise Longue

Know Your Furniture: The Chaise Longue

November 12, 2012

Good morning to you all,


This new series entitled “Know Your Furniture”,  is intended in part to remedy a particular injustice in the furniture world. We’ve all been there, standing around a kitchen or living room, cocktails in hand listening to a super-snobbish friend or neighbor describe in excruciating detail the profound nature and exquisite history of their newest furniture acquisition. The group around you listens politely, maybe they have some idea of what this self styled furniture guru is talking about but you wouldn’t be surprised if they were just as clueless as you and were simply employing the exact same strategy that has you looking fascinated, smiling and desperately trying to nod and sigh in the right places.

Vanity of Vanities

Vanity of Vanities

November 09, 2012


O’ vanity of Vanities,
thy name says it all,
You are my faithful servant maid,
my mirror on the wall.

You are my dearest friend,
my most impartial jury,
The source of my deepest joys,
and mornings full of fury.

The first to greet me when I rise,
my last “goodnight” before I sleep,
And the rigid truth within you lies,
no matter how I beg and weep.

You are always there to dress me well,
to prep me up and down,
As I consult with you before a date
or a night out on the town.

You know me as no other can,
you have seen me as I am,
you have seen the natural beauty,
that lies behind the glitz and glam.

I am thankful that you caught my eye,
on the day of our first meeting,
Thank you premier furniture site,
yes thank you Madison Seating.

Aeron™ Chair, the Untold Story…

Aeron™ Chair, the Untold Story…

November 08, 2012

Yup, as the title so subtly suggests, we are back to my favorite topic – The Aeron™ ergonomic miracle chair by Herman Miller.

Today’s  post concerns a much lesser known aspect of the Aeron™ chair, it’s history and development. We are all familiar with the Aeron™ as the quintessential must have office accessory of the modern workplace. To those in the know, the Aeron™ is both an ultimate comfort item and coveted status symbol. To be an Aeron™ user, is to be the proud owner of an office chair that is sleek, stylish and on the cutting edge of ergonomic design.

News flash, it was not intended to be that way. Not at all.

Great Furniture Deals for Experts and Amateurs Alike

Great Furniture Deals for Experts and Amateurs Alike

November 07, 2012

Hail to the chief!

America has spoken.

President Obama is… Well… President. Again.

Now back to the important things in life, furniture.

In today’s economic climate, conscientious furniture buyers are always on the lookout for a good deal. Today I would like to turn the spotlight on Madison Seating’s extensive line-up of quality and wallet friendly pieces in their Living Room collection. Their entire living room department has been meticulously assembled by their trained in-house designers with two objectives in mind, comfort and design. That’s why you’ll see a wide range of top quality sofas and ottomans, TV units, chairs, and complete collections all constructed with the best materials by top designers complete with the reliability only offered by established manufacturers.

Election Day Coverage from Madison Seating

Election Day Coverage from Madison Seating

November 06, 2012

My fellow Americans,

We find ourselves today, perched on the threshold of history. Today is a day long awaited, it is a day of hope, a day of destiny, and a day that will determine the future of a nation.

We the people, divided by party colors but united in our heritage, stand at a crossroads, and the path we choose will shape the future of this great country for generations to come. Each and every one of you, as you step into that voters booth today, will hold the fate of this great country in your hands. Choose wisely.

Presidential Furniture

Presidential Furniture

November 05, 2012

Good morning all,

With the presidential election now less than a day away, it seems that all things in life come with a presidential twist. I’m sure that many, if not most conversations these days are dominated by or at least include some reference to the upcoming election and of course it is impossible to watch five minutes of television with out coming across a some form of politically sponsored content.

In keeping with this recent spirit of presidentialism, I thought it might be interesting to take a look back at one of our founding fathers, the quintessential president if you will, George Washington. And to take this look, through the lens of our passion here at Madison Seating, furniture.