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Wacky Furniture You (Sort of) Wish You Had

Posted by Tom

Wacky Furniture You (Sort of) Wish You Had

I know what your thinking, but no, unfortunately we don’t carry this particular item here at Madison Seating. This is just something I came across while browsing the web late one night (or was it early one morning… I forget…) and I thought I would share it with y’all, along with some of the other weird and wacky furniture concepts out there. Hope you enjoy!

melting drawers

Another set of drawers lost to global warming!



bomb table

This table is Da Bomb!



Kraken furniture

“Release the Kraken!”




club and shield table

Gives a whole new meaning to “practical and stylish”!




squiggle chair

From Swivel chair to Squiggle Chair…



modern chair




drift away bed

You’re familiar with the term “drifting off to sleep” right?….



pencil bench

Yep, a bench made of pink pencils, just go with it…



impractical table

Pointless and utterly useless…



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