Month: October 2012

  • Happy Halloween from Madison Seating!

    Happy Halloween from Madison Seating!

    Trick or Treat! I believe that Halloween is many things to many people. As a kid growing up, Halloween was obviously all about the costumes and candy. As I got older, my diminishing interest in the “Treat” factor greatly increased my tendency to “Trick”,  candy bar received or not. And Just when you hit that […]

  • Madison Seating Status Update

    Madison Seating Status Update

    Dear valued customer, Thank you for contacting us, your questions and concerns are very important to us, and remain our top priority. Regretfully, due to the recent inclement weather, our call center and warehouses are operating at a diminished capacity. Additionally, our shipping carriers have also been impacted by the storm and are running well […]

  • A Message from Madison Seating in the Wake of “Frankenstorm” Sandy.

    A Message from Madison Seating in the Wake of “Frankenstorm” Sandy.

    On behalf of myself, my colleagues and all of us here at Madison Seating, I would like to take this moment to extend our heartfelt support and sympathy to all our friends and neighbors, who, over the last 24 hours, have endured and weathered what very well might have been the worst super-storm to hit […]

  • News from the High Point Furniture Market.

    News from the High Point Furniture Market.

    Good morning, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and Hurricane Sandy or no, Monday is here and that means back to the latest in the world of furniture. Today, I would like to catch you up on some of the trends that emerged from the latest great furniture exhibition in High Point, North […]

  • Hurricane Sandy…and the Antoinette Dining Table by Steve Silver

    Hurricane Sandy…and the Antoinette Dining Table by Steve Silver

    Good morning ladies and gents, it’s so nice to see you all so happy and lively today…wait, hold on a second…that’s right, it’s Friday! No wonder everyone is in such a good mood… But hang on a sec, before we get too carried away with weekend plans and fantasy football roster strategies, there is one […]

  • The Discovery Coffee Table by Zuo Modern

    The Discovery Coffee Table by Zuo Modern

    Contemporary and unique. To me, these are the two words that best sum-up the Zuo Modern Discovery Coffee Table. And when it comes to coffee tables, I cant think of any two characteristics more desirable than these two. Very often coffee tables go unnoticed and generally taken for-granted. Much of the time they have a […]

  • Aeron™ Looking Good in Wood!

    Good morning all, By now you should all be familiar with my Aeron™ Chair obsession, and I will ask that you indulge me once more as I reflect today, on a slightly woodier version of the worlds most coveted office chair. Just when you thought the perfect office chair model could not possibly be improved […]

  • The Real Presidential Debate…to Sit or Not to Sit.

    The Real Presidential Debate…to Sit or Not to Sit.

    My fellow Americans, It is a great and humbling honor to bring you this latest in cutting edge debate analysis. Last night, millions of Americans watched as, once again, the candidates sparred over foreign policy, the economy and the lamentable lack of “horses and bayonets” in the world today. But perhaps the single most crucial […]

  • Promenade Recliner Chair by Coaster. A Man and His Throne.

    Hi there folks, and welcome back from your hopefully wonderful weekends. I would like to dedicate today’s post to one of the most versatile and incredible furniture concepts ever to have graced the showroom floors, an absolute fixture in the lives of many, and mainstay of living rooms the world over. It’s a chair, a […]

  • Emotional Instability Caused by…Wobbly Furniture?!

    Emotional Instability Caused by…Wobbly Furniture?!

    Ladies and Gentlemen, friends and neighbors, prepare yourselves for a revelation that will completely alter the way you look at the wobbly furniture in your homes forever! A recent study, conducted by Psychologists from the University of Waterloo, Canada., indicates a strong correlation between wobbly furniture and the desire for emotional stability. I kid you […]

  • The ‘Take it Outside’ Table

    When I first came across this picture of… well… um… this, I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. Cool? yeah, a little (c’mon, admit it!). Different, certainly. Weird, no question. But seriously, how does something like this even happen?!  I  mean, I understand that for the inspiration for a design like this one […]

  • NEW! Madison Seating 5-Year Furniture Protection Plan!!

    You know the feeling, you’ve just made a big purchase online, a brand new dinning room set, or perhaps a pricy and long awaited bedroom set. As you click the “checkout” button and complete your purchase, a small avalanche of consequent emotions cascade over you. Relief; as all those tedious hours of researching, web-surfing and […]