The Discovery Coffee Table by Zuo Modern

Contemporary and unique. To me, these are the two words that best sum-up the Zuo Modern Discovery Coffee Table. And when it comes to coffee tables, I cant think of any two characteristics more desirable than these two.

Very often coffee tables go unnoticed and generally taken for-granted. Much of the time they have a very basic design and are pretty unremarkable. But with the Discovery Coffee table, Zuo Modern has taken the ordinary, reworked it, and given us a coffee table that makes a statement, “I will not be overlooked!”.

Think about it, you are hosting a party or a family gathering of some sort, the meal is over and the guests head to the living room for some drinks and dessert. Now, one of two things can happen next, a) your guests can sit on the couches, lounging around and having a good time, completely oblivious to your self-decorated room and the painstakingly chosen furniture, or b) your guests enter your living room drinks in hand, and immediately exclaim at how incredible and tastefully furnished your living room is. Cries of “wow” and “my! what an eye for design you have!” immediately follow, and the rest of the night is spent discussing your superior design sense and knack for “bringing a room together”.

Friends, with the Discovery Coffee Table, you will all but guarantee yourself the latter scenario. With it’s prevailing lines and  sharp, clean shapes. In addition to being sleek and modernistic, it’s design is also quiet functional, as one side has been specifically tailored to hold magazines or newspapers.

Stylish and practical.

Your coffee table conversation piece awaits.

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