Hurricane and dining room tables

Hurricane Sandy…and the Antoinette Dining Table by Steve Silver

Good morning ladies and gents, it’s so nice to see you all so happy and lively today…wait, hold on a second…that’s right, it’s Friday! No wonder everyone is in such a good mood…

But hang on a sec, before we get too carried away with weekend plans and fantasy football roster strategies, there is one last serious topic that we simply must address.

We have all heard the weather forecasters dire predictions concerning Hurricane Sandy’s immanent arrival and impact here on the north eastern seaboard. Earlier this morning, reported the possibility of Sandy being the worst storm to hit land this far north in over 100 years! They even went so far as to dub it a “Frankenstorm” and to caution people living in the northeast to have a backup plan just in case there is the need for them to head to higher ground…

That being said, there are always those of us (you know who you are…) who, despite the dire warnings and ominous forecasts, will choose never to evacuate and instead, hunker down and ride out the storm in their own homes. While I certainly don’t encourage this, I would like to take this opportunity to point out (to those daring souls who are planning to stay behind,) that you may have a friend in an unlikely place, the Dining Room. Getting underneath a solid piece of furniture such as a Dining Room table will provide a certain measure of extra protection.

The cliche of “hiding under the dining room table” during storms and hurricanes has been around for hundreds of years. However, over the past thirty years or so, dining room table have steadily become lighter and less bulky, making them less and less suited to their secondary task of shielding their owners during a storm. If, for example, your table is a Nuevo or a Zuo, that might not cut it.

The good news is that some big, bulky dining room table options still exist. Granted, when shopping for a new dining set, its effectiveness  at hurricane protection duties may not be your first consideration, but it could certainly be an added perk.

One piece worth mentioning, is the Antoinette Dining Table by Steve Silver. Solid wood and weighing in at 281 Lbs, the Antoinette, might be just what the storm-stalwarts ordered. Not to mention, the dramatic  hand carved legs and generous proportions, beautiful mahogany crafting, cherry and veneers with a hand-planed surface and hand carved edges. The table has a distressed finish, giving it the look and feel of an antique.

In any event, if you are one of those who would never even consider leaving your home, even in the face of this supposed “Frankenstorm”, you might want to take a peek into your dinning room just to make sure your table has what it takes to  help protect you and your family.

Between you and me, the weather is the weather, it’s fickle and unpredictable at best, and who knows, we may only end up with a little November rain…

Anyhow, best of luck to you all,

Enjoy your weekend!







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