Happy Halloween from Madison Seating!

Trick or Treat!

I believe that Halloween is many things to many people. As a kid growing up, Halloween was obviously all about the costumes and candy. As I got older, my diminishing interest in the “Treat” factor greatly increased my tendency to “Trick”,  candy bar received or not. And Just when you hit that age when you have lost most of your interest in both “Tricking” and “Treating”, that is when it seems the cyclical nature of life’s little ironies comes full circle, and the haunter becomes the haunted, and now you are the one who cringes every time the doorbell rings…

The truth is, there is so much more to Halloween than meets the eye. Like I said, with all it’s storied history and tradition, Halloween can be so many different things to different people. And because we here at Madison Seating are all about the furniture, I thought I might take this opportunity to bring you some of the industries more ghoulish furniture creations, including a couch made from REAL coffins… Enjoyyyyyyyy… Hahahahahahah (evil laughter slowly fades out…)

halloween furniture

Designed and sold by Casket Furniture this coffin shaped coffee table will add a touch of morbidity to your Halloween party, and is guaranteed to help set the mood…

halloween furniture4

This drop-dead gorgeous sofa from Coffin Couches is made from a recycled 18-gauge steel coffin, obtained from a funeral home in Southern California. (Because of slight cosmetic inconsistencies, the coffins were never used for burial; health and safety laws prohibit funeral homes from reselling used coffins.) Supported by six steel legs, each custom creation can support 900 pounds. Couches are upholstered with cushy leather or vinyl padding in out-of-this-world colors, such as Dodger blue, pink, and red.
halloween furniture1


This table might be a little overboard, even for you hardcore Halloween fans, but it certainly is an impact piece, guaranteed to get you the maximum “what the heck?!” effect. So for those of you looking to make a Halloween statement, this table by John Nouanesing, might be just what you were looking for.

halloween furniture2

Imposing and foreboding, this evil throne-like Halloween themed chair, is not really my thing but I though it was worth taking a look at anyhow, because it certainly gets its point across…

halloween furniture3

Who said you can’t take it with you? The Ingres solid-pine display cabinet features velvet bedding and can show off everything from books to tchotchkes to shrunken heads. It’s also the size of an adult-sized coffin, meaning it can be re-purposed to store the dearly departed, should the need arise. Shown here with a two-tone amber and ebony finish. It measures 79 inches long by 22 inches wide by 12 inches deep. About $499.95, MHP Enterprises, Ltd


halloween furniture5


The Remember You Will Die Chair by NOCC, is such a cute piece of lawn furniture. I love the skull cut out in the chair. I could easily see several of these on my back patio. Though it will be cold on Halloween in most places, if you have a fire pit you could set up your party in the back yard or maybe an after party with friends after most of the guests leave. These chairs would make a perfect themed sitting area. I love how looking at it from the front, the back legs look like fangs. I’m not sure if that is intentional, but it makes the chair look even creepier.

Bye for now, and Happy Halloween!



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