A Message from Madison Seating in the Wake of “Frankenstorm” Sandy.

On behalf of myself, my colleagues and all of us here at Madison Seating, I would like to take this moment to extend our heartfelt support and sympathy to all our friends and neighbors, who, over the last 24 hours, have endured and weathered what very well might have been the worst super-storm to hit the Atlantic Coast in over 100 years.

From Narragansett RI., to Snowshoe W.VA., and particularly in the coastal towns like those of south Jersey, the 95+ mph winds of “Frankenstorm” Sandy blew away homes, caused tremendous storm surges, and dumped countless feet of rain and snow on much of the Atlantic Northeast.

Thankfully, while even the loss of a single life is a tragic and sorrowful event, news sources indicate that actual loss-of-life totals seem to be remarkably low, thank G-d, largely due to the preparatory measures and warnings issued by our government and federal institutions, who were decisive and well prepared, and to the various news media outlets who kept us in the know with their crucial and timely updates. To all of you, from the very bottom of our hearts, we salute you and we thank you.

To those of you still reeling from the effects of Sandy’s devastation, know that our thoughts and prayers are with you. From those few who lost their lives, to those who lost their homes and the millions of our fellow Americans who are without power, we wish you all the formidable strength and continued courage of the indomitable human spirit. Stand strong, for America stands with you, and together we will overcome!

To those of you making your way back home after riding out the storm elsewhere, please be careful. Watch out for downed power lines and flooded roads. Be especially careful when entering flood damaged buildings.

Above all, know that you are not alone out there, our hearts and our prayers go out to you. We are with you. We wish you nothing but the best from this point forward and we sincerely hope that you and your loved ones are all safe and unharmed.

Once again, on behalf of all of us here at Madison Seating, best of luck, stay safe and God Bless America!