Happy 2013 From Madison Seating

Happy 2013 From Madison Seating

January 01, 2013

On this, the very first day of the new year, we here at Madison Seating would like to take a moment to wish all our customers and readers a happy, healthy and wonderful new year.

At Madison Seating we not only specialize in quality furniture items at unbeatable prices, but our absolute top priority is unquestionably our customers. With that in mind we would like to thank you all for an incredible year, and thank you all in advance for what we all hope is an equally incredible year to come.

Madison Seating Salutes The Hiemann-Dilger Iterative “1001” Furniture Piece

Madison Seating Salutes The Hiemann-Dilger Iterative “1001” Furniture Piece

December 31, 2012

Berlin-based design duo Thomas Hiemann and Markus Dilger have created a super-technical piece of furniture that defies categorization. Dubbed the 1001, the piece’s goal is “persistent adaption of the surface to the human body,” according to Hiemann and Dilger’s blog.

Hiemann and Dilger adopted various approaches as a means of controlling spatial movements. The aim was for 1001 to be impact-full and convincing not only as an object but also as a functional furniture solution for use in everyday real life situations. More than 30 clusters, each consisting of three elastic rods, are mounted on a [semi-]spherical base and support the reclining surface, which has a corresponding geometrical pattern but consists of rigid segments.

In The World of Furniture, The Future Is Now

In The World of Furniture, The Future Is Now

December 28, 2012

I am sure you will agree, that there is a certain something about the sleek and angular lines of the modernistic, futuristic  furniture designs, that makes them more than just appealing. So every now and then I like to take a look around and take notice of some of the design concepts out there that fit that bill.

Here is a small selection of futuristic outdoor and beach furniture pieces that caught my eye…

Know Your Furniture: Fauteuil

Know Your Furniture: Fauteuil

December 27, 2012


Pronounced “foe TUR”, a fauteuil is a style of open-arm chair with a primarily exposed wooden frame originating in France in the late 17th century.

A fauteuil is made of wood, and frequently with carved relief ornament. It is typically upholstered on the seat, the seat back and on the arms (manchettes). Some fauteuils have a valenced front seat rail which is padding that extends slightly over the apron. The exposed wooden elements are often gilded or otherwise painted.

The Holiday Sales Continue at Madison Seating

The Holiday Sales Continue at Madison Seating

December 26, 2012

Granted, it may be safe to assume that most of the holiday gift giving has taken place by now. But here at Madison Seating the sale prices and great deals continue!

With unbeatable deals on everything from the inimitable Aeron to the full range of office and home furniture, such as dinning room tables, bedroom sets, sofas, even barstools and kids bedroom accessories!

Just because Christmas 2012 has come and gone does not mean the deals are gone too!

And perhaps now that you have completed the seemingly impossible task of finding unique and appropriate gifts for all the gazillion people in your life, maybe it’s time you rewarded yourself for all your hard work. Go ahead, you know you deserve it… Indulge yourself, you’ve earned it. After all,

So come on over and help keep the holiday spirit alive by browsing our huge selection at incredibly low prices! (And yes, we do price match!)

A Madison Tale

A Madison Tale

December 25, 2012

A nostalgic smile, a far a way look,
’tis somewhat painful to remember,
How I was still without any gifts,
This time last December.

My friends had thought me idle,
My colleagues thought me lazy,
My kids had thought me suicidal!
My wife just called me crazy.

But I had searched and searched, I swear!
Shopped and shopped, and got nowhere,
For no matter the bargain, or the item I’d see,
There simply was nothing that appealed to me.

So there I was on that snowy eve,
Nary a knitted red sweater up my sleeve,
Suffice it to say, all kidding aside,
I came ever so close to sleeping to outside!

A Corporate Holiday Gift From Madison Seating

A Corporate Holiday Gift From Madison Seating

December 24, 2012

In the spirit of the holidays (and due, in part, to overwhelming feelings of giddiness and relief at our being spared in the recent Mayan apocalypse… not so much…) the sales team here at Madison Seating is making corporations and small businesses around the country an offer so compelling that we cannot even post the exact terms online!

Suffice it to say, Saint Nick and his elves would be proud!

Seasons Greetings From Madison Seating!

Seasons Greetings From Madison Seating!

December 21, 2012

Season’s Greeting to all, from your friends here at Madison Seating.

Among other things, the holiday season is a time for reflection and some thoughtful introspection. Here at Madison Seating we would like to take a moment to recognize a very special individual, someone who has spent the last few weeks toiling endlessly to find the perfect gifts for friends and family, a person who has extended themselves on behalf of others, planning parties, holiday celebrations and a whole host of activities and events.

Here’s to you – our valued customers!

Furniture Made From…Old Elle Magazines!?

Furniture Made From…Old Elle Magazines!?

December 20, 2012

Once again the seemingly parallel worlds of fashion and furniture collide; this time however, the protagonist is not some pretentious designer or actor-turned-fashion-guru (ahem, brad pitt…) rather it is made from, of all things, back issues of ‘Elle’, the worlds largest fashion magazine.

While the world of preppy furniture design is by now pretty familiar with the use of unorthodox materials to craft oddball pieces, these furnishings by Italian designer Jens Praet are particularly intriguing. Praet collaborated with the magazine to create the four-piece series ‘Shredded,‘ which was exhibited at Design Miami 2012 a few weeks back.

Boss Office Furniture at Madison Seating

Boss Office Furniture at Madison Seating

December 19, 2012

“I consider that a man’s brain originally is like a little empty attic, and you have to stock it with such furniture as you choose.”
-Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

My interpretation of his message? When it comes to furniture, choose wisely. (Hey it’s what he said, look at the words; never mind all that metaphorical stuff…)

So how does one ‘choose wisely’?

Know Your Furniture: Hutch

Know Your Furniture: Hutch

December 18, 2012



A hutch is an American English word usually used to describe a set of shelves or cabinets placed on top of a lower unit with a counter and either drawers or cabinets. Hutches are often seen in the form of desks, dining room or kitchen furniture. Frequently referred to by furniture aficionados as a hutch dresser.


In the 18th and early 19th century, however, the term hutch or hutch table referred to a tabletop set onto a base in such a way that when the table was not in use, the top pivoted to a vertical position and became the back of a chair or wider settee.[1][2] This was a very useful form at a time when many homes had a large room used for multiple functions, because it allowed a large dining table to swing up and out of the way.[1]

The Classic Foosball Table by Nuevo Living

The Classic Foosball Table by Nuevo Living

December 17, 2012

Hey y’all,

Sorry for the brief hiatus. It sure is good to be back.

Today I would like to make mention of a lesser know and perhaps somewhat under appreciated kind of table that is now available here at Madison Seating. The Classic Foosball Table by Nuevo Living.

Featuringa stone platform, cast iron base, cast aluminum players, reclaimed hardwood frame and best of all – it comes with a free ball included!