holiday deals at madison seating

The Holiday Sales Continue at Madison Seating

Granted, it may be safe to assume that most of the holiday gift giving has taken place by now. But here at Madison Seating the sale prices and great deals continue!

With unbeatable deals on everything from the inimitable Aeron to the full range of office and home furniture, such as dinning room tables, bedroom sets, sofas, even barstools and kids bedroom accessories!

Just because Christmas 2012 has come and gone does not mean the deals are gone too!

And perhaps now that you have completed the seemingly impossible task of finding unique and appropriate gifts for all the gazillion people in your life, maybe it’s time you rewarded yourself for all your hard work. Go ahead, you know you deserve it… Indulge yourself, you’ve earned it. After all,

So come on over and help keep the holiday spirit alive by browsing our huge selection at incredibly low prices! (And yes, we do price match!)