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A Madison Tale

A nostalgic smile, a far a way look,
’tis somewhat painful to remember,
How I was still without any gifts,
This time last December.

My friends had thought me idle,
My colleagues thought me lazy,
My kids had thought me suicidal!
My wife just called me crazy.

But I had searched and searched, I swear!
Shopped and shopped, and got nowhere,
For no matter the bargain, or the item I’d see,
There simply was nothing that appealed to me.

So there I was on that snowy eve,
Nary a knitted red sweater up my sleeve,
Suffice it to say, all kidding aside,
I came ever so close to sleeping to outside!

And so I vowed, right then and there,
That things would be a little different this year,
I would give the perfect present, the ultimate gift,
And undo all the trauma, mending the rift.

I immediately began my rigorous search,
Even surfing the web the next day in church! (Forgive me father…)
So bent on my task, I abandoned all care,
Even browsing at midnight in my underwear!

And so it was I found this site,
That had just the selection to make things right,
I found it at,
And immediately knew the party was on!

With executive chairs for the guys at work,
New beds for the kids, a leather sofa for the Mrs.,
I envisioned all the smiles,
All the hugs and the kisses.

So let it snow, let it snow, bring on the holidays,
Bring on the lights, the hailing and sleeting;
I stand ready to meet the gifting craze,
Thanks to the folks at Madison Seating.

– Happy Holidays!






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  1. chana Avatar

    A wonderfully cheerful and inspiring piece of work – great marketing