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The Classic Foosball Table by Nuevo Living

Posted by Tom

The Classic Foosball Table by Nuevo Living

Hey y’all,

Sorry for the brief hiatus. It sure is good to be back.

Today I would like to make mention of a lesser know and perhaps somewhat under appreciated kind of table that is now available here at Madison Seating. The Classic Foosball Table by Nuevo Living.

Featuringa stone platform, cast iron base, cast aluminum players, reclaimed hardwood frame and best of all – it comes with a free ball included!

So for those of you fun-loving Foosball furniture fanatics who have been wondering if it would ever be possible to find a Foosball table classy and tasteful enough so as not to look out of place in your well appointed living room or lounge, well I guess Christmas has come (about a week) early! The Classic Foosball Table by Nuevo Living is the perfect blend of upscale furniture item and fun gaming console, bringing together aspects of seeming disparate worlds as only a Nuevo product can.

So check it out here, and indulge yourself or delight a friend or family member with this truly memorable Christmas gift idea. Either way, let the games begin!


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