Month: July 2013

  • Cardboard Furniture

    Cardboard Furniture

    Not ‘looks like cardboard’ furniture, not ‘has a little piece of cardboard stuck somewhere’ furniture, not even ‘half made out of cardboard and the other half normal’ furniture; no! real, bona fide, start to finish and top to bottom CARDBOARD furniture!

  • Aeron Summer Sale!

    Aeron Summer Sale!

    Have you been biding your time, practicing the whole “patience is a virtue” thing all the while looking for that perfect opportunity to swoop in purchase your new Aeron Chair? Well, if you have then I’ve got some great news for ya, your virtuous mission of self-restraint is over! There has never been a better […]

  • Furniture Design: Grow Your Own Furniture, Israeli Style!

    Furniture Design: Grow Your Own Furniture, Israeli Style!

    The brainchild of Industrial Product Designer and Jerusalem native Itay Kirshenbaum, the furniture you see pictured above is… wait for it… grown. Yes, that’s right, watered and grown. These oddly shaped canvas stools begin life as simple canvas bags filled with a mix of concrete powder that, when liberally soaked (or ‘watered’ ) with a […]

  • Aeron Chair: An Aeron Born Every 17 Seconds

    Aeron Chair: An Aeron Born Every 17 Seconds

    Using east Asian techniques imported from Toyota, the Herman Miller manufacturing company has achieved incredible efficiency while empowering its workers.

  • Outdoor Furniture

    Outdoor Furniture

    As the days of summer progress and temperatures continue to rise, some of us (myself included) scramble for the air conditioned refuge of the indoors, and only venture out when absolutely necessary, and even then, only when the promise of an air conditioned vehicle awaits. For others, more tolerant of the heat than I, this […]

  • Aeron Chair by Herman Miller

    Aeron Chair by Herman Miller

    Any conversation that begins with “office chair” must inevitably turn to the great and incomparable Aeron by Herman Miller. The very embodiment of ergonomic perfection and unanimously held to be the perfect office chair, the Aeron has been the gold standard for as long as it has been on the market. Loaded with incredible features […]

  • 4th of July Weekend Sale

    4th of July Weekend Sale

    “…the land of the free (shipping!) and the home of the brave!”. Celebrate Independence day in true American style, check out the new and amazing holiday furniture deals now available at Madison Seating.