Aeron Chair

Aeron Summer Sale!

Have you been biding your time, practicing the whole “patience is a virtue” thing all the while looking for that perfect opportunity to swoop in purchase your new Aeron Chair? Well, if you have then I’ve got some great news for ya, your virtuous mission of self-restraint is over! There has never been a better opportunity to purchase a new Aeron than right now at the Annual Aeron Summer Sale going on now at Madison Seating.

With up to 40% off many Herman Miller models, the prices are simply unbeatable!

The Aeron chair didn’t end up enshrined in Manhattans’s Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection because of it’s looks. Although it certainly could have, It’s looks are only the beginning. The inimitable Aeron Chair accommodates both the user and the environment.  It’s 94% recyclable (even if it’s black, it’s green…) and it naturally adapts to ergonomically cradle virtually every body type.

Owning an Aeron Chair is no longer the exclusive privileged of corporate barons and high ranking executives, but is now a luxury made available even to the lowest of secretaries and assistants on the corporate totem pole. So whatever you position, whatever your title, your Aeron Chair awaits you. Indulge, live a little,  or as my teenage daughter says ‘Y.O.L.O.’!