cardboard furniture

Cardboard Furniture

Not ‘looks like cardboard’ furniture, not ‘has a little piece of cardboard stuck somewhere’ furniture, not even ‘half made out of cardboard and the other half normal’ furniture; no! real, bona fide, start to finish and top to bottom CARDBOARD furniture!

Pretty cool, just don’t let your mother in law see it, she um… wouldn’t understand…

Many of the furniture pieces you see pictured below are the work of furniture designer and architect Frank Gehry. Frank  was one of the earliest prominent designers to recognize the potential of cardboard and other industrial materials. Starting in the late 1960s, he began crafting furniture from corrugated cardboard, releasing it under the moniker Easy Edges. A second collection, Experimental Edges, came in 1979. Gehry’s curvy designs are radically different from the geometric form you might expect from his materials. It turns out that, once worked over, cardboard can become surprisingly soft.

Not that top quality furniture is necessarily Gehry’s primary goal, but all reports seem to indicate that these cardboard creations are actually pretty sturdy and durable. All in all, not really much of a downside, and if you happen to be into the world ‘green’ thing, well then…hallelujah!

Take a look…

cardboard chair

cardboard chaise lounge

cardboard bookshelf

cardboard bedroom

cardboard cat bed