Aeron Chair

Aeron Chair by Herman Miller

Any conversation that begins with “office chair” must inevitably turn to the great and incomparable Aeron by Herman Miller. The very embodiment of ergonomic perfection and unanimously held to be the perfect office chair, the Aeron has been the gold standard for as long as it has been on the market. Loaded with incredible features and custom-crafted by the unrivaled masters of office chair design at Herman Miller the aeron continues to reign supreme and unchallenged in the world of office furniture.

The testimonials are rampant, the reviews are stellar and the popularity of the Aeron continues to trend ever upward. With an exhibit all it’s own in the Museum of Modern Art, the Aeron has been immortalized as an icon of it’s time, and it’s place in the history of the modern office is all but written in stone.

As with all things in life, the line between average and good is mostly scalable, the line between good and great however, is most often not. True greatness cannot be taught. True greatness simply ‘is’ and the Aeron was born with it.

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