Month: June 2013

  • Sectional Sofa’s by Abbyson Living

    Sectional Sofa’s by Abbyson Living

    With a careful and intricately balanced relationship of design, size and comfort, the all new Devonshire top-grain leather sectional is the kind of must-have furniture piece that can add timeless luxury to the most important place in your home. This exclusive collection captures the grand styling of old warm charm while providing an added contemporary […]

  • Invisible Furniture!

    Invisible Furniture!

    Using the material properties of mirror finished acrylic, brooklyn-based designer Takeshi Miyakawa has created the illusion of disappearing chairs and tables, the assembled pieces are also bent and distorted with heat to create intricate wrinkle-like textures throughout the surface planes. Creative, artistic, imaginative… and likely to cause a sharp increase in bruised knees and stubbed […]

  • IBM’s Smarter Street Furniture Initiative

    IBM’s Smarter Street Furniture Initiative

    Famous for their progressive thinking and innovative brilliance, IBM‘s latest project in their ‘people for smarter cities’ campaign involves art, furniture and a whole new approach to street level advertising.

  • Aeron Chair – 5 Reasons to Buy One Now

    Aeron Chair – 5 Reasons to Buy One Now

    Ok, no beating around the bush here… let’s dive right in… Reason #1 – Unparalleled Quality: With the Aeron Chair by Herman Miller you get only the absolute finest quality in material and design. The legendary Office Chair manufacturers are renowned for their superior quality and attention to detail. With the purchase of an Aeron […]

  • Best Outdoor Furniture

    Best Outdoor Furniture

    We spend the bulk of our time here on the Madison Seating Blog discussing the finer points of indoor home or office furniture, and I would like to dedicate this post to the unsung furniture heroes who are asked to continually brave the elements of the great outdoors, while still providing functional comfort on demand. […]

  • Walking Desks. Furniture or Fad?

    Walking Desks. Furniture or Fad?

    The “walking” or “treadmill”  desk is the perfect remedy for those of us who have had a gym membership for the past five years and are still gearing up for our first visit. It’s trendy, sensible and it’s potential benefits could fill a blogpost of their own. It seems that this is a growing furniture […]