walking treadmill desk

Walking Desks. Furniture or Fad?

The “walking” or “treadmill”  desk is the perfect remedy for those of us who have had a gym membership for the past five years and are still gearing up for our first visit. It’s trendy, sensible and it’s potential benefits could fill a blogpost of their own.

It seems that this is a growing furniture trend that we are slowly seeing more of…

But will it stick?

Trends are fickle things… what catches on and what slips away often has less to do with the soundness or sense of the idea and more to do with the pop culture perspective towards it.

Five years from now, will we 9 to 5’ers be walking our way through the day with the walking desk a fixture in the corporate world, or will the idea of treadmill desks have faded from societies collective horizon completely…

Below are two examples of what the walking desk might look like in the contemporary corporate office.




walking desk

treadmilll desk