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  • Furniture Design: Grow Your Own Furniture, Israeli Style!

    Furniture Design: Grow Your Own Furniture, Israeli Style!

    The brainchild of Industrial Product Designer and Jerusalem native Itay Kirshenbaum, the furniture you see pictured above is… wait for it… grown. Yes, that’s right, watered and grown. These oddly shaped canvas stools begin life as simple canvas bags filled with a mix of concrete powder that, when liberally soaked (or ‘watered’ ) with a […]

  • IBM’s Smarter Street Furniture Initiative

    IBM’s Smarter Street Furniture Initiative

    Famous for their progressive thinking and innovative brilliance, IBM‘s latest project in their ‘people for smarter cities’ campaign involves art, furniture and a whole new approach to street level advertising.

  • Stackable Suitcase Furniture

    Stackable Suitcase Furniture

    Aptly named “Chest of Suitcases” and designed by maarten de ceulaer working closely with famed leather artisan ralph baggaley, this furniture design project is the perfect example of the ingenious and breathtaking pieces that can result when the two worlds of art and furniture stride confidently towards one another, meet, lock eyes and dance a […]

  • Popcorn Furniture!

    I mean seriously! How do they come up with this stuff!? In this sneak preview of a popcorn furniture design concept – originally slated to first appear in a grand unveiling at the Milan Design Week festival next week – we may be witnessing the kind of innovative design that will shape the future of […]

  • Furniture Fashion: Race Chairs

    Furniture Fashion: Race Chairs

    In this, the first installment in a new series entitled ‘Furniture Fashion’, I would like to direct the spotlight toward some of the most original and compelling design concepts in the world of furniture in general and office chairs in particular. I am not certain if there is a specific term for this ingenious, trendy […]

  • Top Ten Most Expensive Furniture Items

    Top Ten Most Expensive Furniture Items

    If you’ve come into your fortune but don’t know how to spend it, then you’ve come to the right place. After all, you don’t want to be the guy who owns a mansion but barely has any furniture, do you? Of course you don’t. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of some of the most […]

  • The Oscars… of The Furniture World!?

    The Oscars… of The Furniture World!?

    The Oscars have come a long way since the first ceremony at a private hotel banquet in 1929 when just 270 people attended, guests had to pay only $5 and all the winners were known ahead of time. More and more people are tuning in every year around this time to watch as Hollywood crowns […]

  • Furniture for Valentines?…Yes Indeed!

    Furniture for Valentines?…Yes Indeed!

    THE ISSUE On February 14, men and women around the country will find themselves exchanging romantic Valentine’s Day presents, typically an assortment of baubles and gifts, many of which, unfortunately, simply won’t last long in their partners possession and consequently, in their hearts . Chocolates are gone quickly, and we often regret devouring them in […]

  • Space Saving Furniture Ideas

    Space Saving Furniture Ideas

    From bunk beds to futons, space saving furniture has long been a  sought after commodity by those looking to maximize the utility of their living space. Let’s face it, we’ve all been there. Whether it was in your college dorm room, your first apartment in the city, or your small childhood bedroom shared with four […]

  • Hervé Van der Straeten, Art or Furniture?

    Hervé Van der Straeten, Art or Furniture?

    So often the line between furniture and art, the very thinnest of lines to begin with, can become so thin as to disappear altogether. Through the annals of history, great furniture designs and designers have been lauded more as art and artist, than mere craft and craftsman. The same holds true today, even as the […]

  • From Fire Fights to Furniture

    From Fire Fights to Furniture

    So I came across this interesting furniture concept and thought I would share, but first, a brief tribute to the veterans of that great war. From a grateful nation, we say thank you. Speaking as one who’s paternal grandfather fought in WWII, the single greatest and most pivotal war in the history of our great […]

  • Trending: Mirrored Furniture

    Trending: Mirrored Furniture

    Mirrors have the unique and impressive  design ability to visually expand your space while adding a touch of style. Traditionally, a household mirror, or “looking glass” as they were archaically know, was a primarily functional item, that although decorative and at times ornate, was mostly used for the practical purpose of self-grooming or admiring oneself. […]