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Holiday Gift Ideas: The Aristocrat Sofa Vs. The Cactus Couch!

So it is getting to be that time of year again folks, Santa’s agent has apparently renewed his exclusive contract with the nations malls, the salvation army is out in force, and the air is full of holiday cheer.

The question now becomes, as it does at this time every year, “how the  **** am I supposed to find gifts for every single person in my life, while still trying to hold down a job and without blowing through my life’s savings!”

Fear not, we at Madison Seating are here to help.

This post will be the first of several between now and the new year, in which we will endeavor to assist you in your quest by positing several different classy and cost efficient gift ideas, and discussing the type of person for whom they might best serve as an appropriate holiday gift.

Today’s candidates: The Aristocrat Sofa by Zuo Modern Vs. The Cactus Couch by One Sadistic Dude.


The Aristocrat Sofa

aristocrat sofa
The Aristocrat Sofa

This year, give the gift of class and sophistication (for a change). The Aristocrat sofa is a product that lives up to its name it every way. The careful threading, recessed buttons, and choice selection of classic materials and colors contribute to the stately and subtle design. Often selected with the Aristocrat Armchair the pair add prominence and sophisticated distinction to you living quarters. And at Madison Seating’s unbeatable
45% off dealer listed price,
it’s a great bargain as well!

Potential Recipients:

  • That old college friend of yours whose couch is all ratty and worn from all those times he has let you sleep over when you were “in no condition to drive”.
  • Your parents, whose old leather sofa has been in need of replacement ever since you and your brother invented that brilliant indoor paint-ball game over twenty years ago.
  • Yourself! (wink, wink.)


The Cactus Couch

Cactus Couch
Cactus Couch


Summed up by one word: OUCH!

Official Madison Seating position: Not Recommended.

Potential Recipients:

  • The waiter you caught spitting in your soup after you had mentioned ever so politely, and in a most reasonable tone of voice, that the eggplant parm he had just served had tasted like an “old leather shoe”.
  • The principal of your old elementary school who had completely over-reacted and expelled you for three months, when all you had done was replace the shampoo in the gym showers with white paint…
  • Your ex-boy friend.



Any other suggestions for appropriate recipients of the above gifts? feel free to chime in using the comment section below.

Stay tuned for some more great gift ideas from Madison Seating.







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  1. Susie Avatar

    Omg! I want all of those couches can you get me a great deal????