elegance crystal amber chair

Stacking Chairs

As furniture goes, stacking chairs are just about as convenient and as economical as it gets. Perfect for any situation in which large amounts of seating space is needed temporarily or on an intermittent basis.  They are usually light, durable and of course, easy to stack and store.

The one slight drawback? They often look like stacking chairs. In other words, the super-convenient nature of the stacking chair often comes at a steep aesthetic price, as the general appearance is usually one of stark uniformity, austere and minimalistic design and general lack of style or personality. They usually look like what they are, a temporary collection of chairs that will be removed from sight and stored away as soon as whatever it is that is going on comes to an end.

This is the dichotomous story of the stacking chair.  Well, at least, it used to be. Not anymore!

Thanks to such progressive and revolutionary furniture companies as Flash Furniture and Herman Miller, there are now stacking chairs of exemplary style and design, that retain all the conveniences of the classic models but have added that crucial and previously lacking element of style and class.

One example of these new stacking chair superstars is the Elegance Crystal Amber Chair by the aforementioned Flash Furniture. As I’m sure you will agree, this chair, pictured above,  does not at first even look like a stacking chair, and is a quantum leap forward from where those purely functional and otherwise unsightly chairs may have been in the recent past.