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Fiore Floral Accent Chair

Fiore Floral Accent Chair

April 29, 2013

The Fiore Floral Accent Chair by Wholesale Interiors, is the furniture worlds equivalent  of a beautiful spring flower garden or exquisite landscape painting. Nothing brightens a room or living space like exuberant, colorful fabrics and flower print furniture, and the Fiore Floral Accent Chair is the perfect furniture item to remind the rest of the furniture in your home that spring has finally arrived!

Stacking Chairs

Stacking Chairs

April 24, 2013

As furniture goes, stacking chairs are just about as convenient and as economical as it gets. Perfect for any situation in which large amounts of seating space is needed temporarily or on an intermittent basis.  They are usually light, durable and of course, easy to stack and store.

Madison Seating Featured Product: Leap Chair by Steelcase

Madison Seating Featured Product: Leap Chair by Steelcase

April 19, 2013

Leap Chair by Steelcase

The Leap chair by Steelcase has a back that changes shape to support the entire spine. This can reduce the chance of lower back sag and a hunched posture, which may weaken disc walls, stress back ligaments and cause deterioration of the spine.

With its Natural Glide System As you recline: the seat glides forward so you can recline without leaving your Vision and Reach Zone, so you stay oriented to your work. This encourages more varied postures so there’s less static load on the spine.

Thermal Comfort Thanks to slats in both its back and seat, and the special foam it uses, the Leap chair offers excellent “breathability.” It effectively controls a balance of heat and moisture so you stay comfortable.

Know Your Furniture: Drafting Chairs

Know Your Furniture: Drafting Chairs

April 11, 2013

If you are not familiar with the concept of drafting and drafting chairs, seeing one for the first time could prompt you to wonder if the designers were just a wee-bit distracted when they rolled out this particular model. They truly do seem like a chair design gone wrong. The truth is however, drafting chairs are a god-send for all engineers and workplace professionals who work long hours at tall or oddly shaped desks and tables.

Madison Seating Featured Product:Tufted Leather Office Chair by Flash Furniture

Madison Seating Featured Product:Tufted Leather Office Chair by Flash Furniture

April 10, 2013

Make no mistake about it, chairs can talk.

They may not speak very loudly, but they do speak subtle volumes.

Your chair has a message to share with the world, with your colleagues and with your clients.

It tells a story. The story of you.

Presidents Day and Our American Heritage

Presidents Day and Our American Heritage

February 18, 2013

Happy Presidents day to all, and while the exact nature of this holiday still confuses me a little, one thing is certain, this day is about American history, American pride and of course, American heritage.

Could there be a more appropriate day than this, to make mention of the American Heritage Furniture company, makers of fine, quality furniture and the brand of choice for true American patriots nationwide.

Based in GA. and producing top-tier furniture masterpieces for over two decades, the American Heritage Furniture company exemplifies the kind of stellar dedication and commitment to quality furniture making that retailers such as Madison Seating look for in a wholesale partner.

The following are just some of the many quality American heritage items for sale here at Madison Seating…

The Mirra Chair, by Herman Miller

The Mirra Chair, by Herman Miller

February 13, 2013

When we think of the iconic executive chair manufacturer Herman Miller, we  generally tend to think of the Aeron™ and rightly so. The Aeron™ has certainly cemented it’s place at the very top of the ergonomic totem pole, with it’s unparalleled ergonomic design and standard of comfort.

However, the Mirra, also by Herman Miller, may be one of the few other ergonomic options that may be mentioned in the same breath as it’s big brother, the Aeron™.

The Mirra is a design that was achieved with international cooperation by Herman Miller and Studio 7.5, a German design firm. It’s also certified, 96% recyclable and 42% fabricated with material derived from recycled resources.

Here are just a few of the specs on this uber-ergonmic masterpiece…

Madison Seating Featured Product: The Galaxy by Era Products

Madison Seating Featured Product: The Galaxy by Era Products

January 17, 2013

In this latest segment, we will feature what is perhaps the most exotic and feature laden executive chair on the market today.

The Galaxy executive chair by Era Prodcuts, is truly a masterpiece in a class of its own. And it’s gorgeous detailing is only the beginning. Deeply floating  padded cushions support your body and will cradle you in total comfort. Maximizing ventilation while providing individual support zones, the use of multiple panels allows for further ventilation and support that is tailored to position the body for maximum comfort and ergonomic benefit. An adjustable headrest relieves pressure from your head, neck and shoulders.

Hard to believe that all these features can be had at a reasonable price?

Think again!

Accent Arm Chairs From Madison Seating

Accent Arm Chairs From Madison Seating

January 02, 2013

The perfect arm chair in just the right place is sometimes all it takes to really bring a room together.

When it comes to interior design, a great design combination sometimes hinges on the small things. It is amazing what a small lamp here or appropriate vase there can do to help round out a particular effect and enhance the general ambiance and feel of the room. 

Holiday Gift Ideas: Unico Office Chair by Zuo Modern

Holiday Gift Ideas: Unico Office Chair by Zuo Modern

December 06, 2012

Good morning all,

(Please indulge me for a moment folks as I succumb to the obvious and inevitable play on words here, even if it is somewhat less than clever….)

Looking for a “unique” gift? The Unico Office Chair by Zuo Modern is certainly “Unique’O”!

Cringe-worthy, I know…

But it’s the truth.