Author: Larry

  • Know Your Furniture: The Chaise Longue

    Know Your Furniture: The Chaise Longue

    Good morning to you all,   This new series entitled “Know Your Furniture”,  is intended in part to remedy a particular injustice in the furniture world. We’ve all been there, standing around a kitchen or living room, cocktails in hand listening to a super-snobbish friend or neighbor describe in excruciating detail the profound nature and […]

  • The Discovery Coffee Table by Zuo Modern

    The Discovery Coffee Table by Zuo Modern

    Contemporary and unique. To me, these are the two words that best sum-up the Zuo Modern Discovery Coffee Table. And when it comes to coffee tables, I cant think of any two characteristics more desirable than these two. Very often coffee tables go unnoticed and generally taken for-granted. Much of the time they have a […]

  • Promenade Recliner Chair by Coaster. A Man and His Throne.

    Hi there folks, and welcome back from your hopefully wonderful weekends. I would like to dedicate today’s post to one of the most versatile and incredible furniture concepts ever to have graced the showroom floors, an absolute fixture in the lives of many, and mainstay of living rooms the world over. It’s a chair, a […]