Month: May 2013

  • Annual Aeron™ Chair Blowout Sale!

    Annual Aeron™ Chair Blowout Sale!

    Madison Seating has recently announced it’s annual Aeron™ Blowout Sale, with ridiculously low prices and amazing deals. So if you’ve been in the market for a new office chair and you’ve been biding your time, well, your moment has come! With savings starting at 25% percent and reaching an incredible 47% on some products, now […]

  • Lenovo Tablet Furniture

    Lenovo Tablet Furniture

    As modern societies touchscreen tablet craze continues to grow, the creators of some of the latest gadgets are taking their product development philosophy to a whole new level. Typically, the tech companies would roll out a new product or design, and leave it up to the consumer to find a way to integrate it into […]

  • Aeron™ Chair.

    Aeron™ Chair.

    Hey everybody, So it’s been awhile since we last discussed the Aeron™ here on the Madison Seating Blog and I thought today would be as good a day as any to revisit what is perhaps the greatest piece of office furniture ever invented. There is certainly no need to reiterate the superlative accolades of the […]

  • Fitness Furniture – The Ultimate Piece of Home Workout Equipment

    Fitness Furniture – The Ultimate Piece of Home Workout Equipment

    For most people with back pain or stiffness, chairs of any kind are usually avoided at all costs. Even for those who are fortunate enough (or simply, still young enough…) to be pain and stiffness free, but who spend large portions of their day seated, at a desk or in the office, no doubt recognize […]