Body Archer Furniture

Fitness Furniture – The Ultimate Piece of Home Workout Equipment

For most people with back pain or stiffness, chairs of any kind are usually avoided at all costs. Even for those who are fortunate enough (or simply, still young enough…) to be pain and stiffness free, but who spend large portions of their day seated, at a desk or in the office, no doubt recognize the myriad ergonomic issues inherent in the “sitting in a chair all day with poor posture” lifestyle. 

If only there where a seating furniture option that would not only be easier on the back muscles and spinal cord, but actually help reverse the stiffness and help get rid of the pain…

Enter The Body Archer, a brilliant and innovative new desk chair, designed by a massage therapists specifically with the health of the back and spinal cord muscles in mind and may be the ultimate piece of home workout equipment around.

The secret is all in the stretching. Proper stretching of the back muscles and spinal cord can not only do wonders for your back pain but can have many other health benefits as well. The Body Archer is also much more comfortable than a standard chair (and the same height), way more stable than an exercise ball, it’s attractive, and it rocks!