burst mirror by zuo modern

Burst Mirror by Zuo Modern

The Burst Mirror by Zuo Modern

From time immemorial, mirrors have adorned the walls of the wealthy and the poor,  symbolic of  both vanity and mystical reflection, an obsession for some and bane and a burden for others. Designed and purchased as much for their artistic and aesthetic appeal as for any pragmatic consideration, mirrors have always been slightly more than just another household furniture item.

The Burst Mirror is the quintessential example of the predominance of artistic influence in classical mirrors today. With an interpretive design and unique “Burst” look, the Burst Mirror is another Zuo Modern masterpiece, and would look right at home in even the most sophisticated and cosmopolitan of homes or offices.

The Burst Mirror serves a dual purpose, it acts as both a functional furniture item, perfect for straightening a tie or for critical consideration of an expanding waistline, and is also a stunningly brilliant wall accent and conversation piece.

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