Popcorn Furniture!

I mean seriously! How do they come up with this stuff!?

In this sneak preview of a popcorn furniture design concept – originally slated to first appear in a grand unveiling at the Milan Design Week festival next week – we may be witnessing the kind of innovative design that will shape the future of the furniture industry (and perhaps other industries as well.)

The concept, developed by Belgian designer and engineer Carl de Smet, is a smart foam technology experiment.

Once heated to a set temperature, the material he works with, shape memory polyurethane (SMPU), will expand to a given design.

Currently working with scaled-down models, de Smet is close to building the technology to achieve the effect with full-size furniture.

So if I were you, I would keep an eye on the Madison Seating homepage for the possible new addition of a “Popcorn Furniture” section; hey, you just never know…