Furniture of The Future

Furniture of The Future, Part I.

Good morning all,

We here at Madison Seating feel, and I’m sure all you fellow furniture enthusiasts out there would agree, that the future of furniture is fantastically bright and full of promise.

For today’s post I thought we would take a look at some of the futuristic furniture concepts out there today, some may be decades away while others may be in stores only a short year or two from now.

Here is just a small sampling of possible future furniture concepts floating around the web:

Futuristic Office Chair Concept.

Futuristic Office Chair

As you are reading this, renowned furniture makers Herman Miller and Humanscale are investing significant research money on designing similar chairs that automatically adjust to each individuals weight and preferred seating position


Floating Cloud Couch.

Floating Cloud Couch

Based in part on theoretical electromagnetism, there are many practical design obstacles to overcome before this concept can become reality, so I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you…


Futuristic Couch Concept.

Futuristic Couch Concept
Might this be the future of the ever popular recliner/couch combo?


Rocket Age Rocking Chair.

Rocket Age Rocking Chair
Not really a huge leap forward in terms of functionality, but you gotta love the sleekness of its Rocket age design.


The Future of Stack-able Lawn furniture.


Futuristic Lawn Furniture
Finally a lawn furniture concept that is not a total eye-sore when stacked.

And these are but a few, tune in tomorrow for another glimpse at what the future may hold for wonderful world of furniture…