valentines furniture

Furniture for Valentines?…Yes Indeed!


On February 14, men and women around the country will find themselves exchanging romantic Valentine’s Day presents, typically an assortment of baubles and gifts, many of which, unfortunately, simply won’t last long in their partners possession and consequently, in their hearts . Chocolates are gone quickly, and we often regret devouring them in the first place. Roses, while lovely, just don’t last.


This year, why not think outside the chocolate box when choosing a gift for your beloved. Something unique, something he or she will cherish for years, perhaps even decades to come. We spend so much time at home that a gift of beauty for our living space can bring sweetness for years to come. If you imagine your girlfriend smiling fondly as she wears that bracelet that you gave her, first think of generally small turnaround the average piece of jewelry will afford you, a few months? a year? and then you will find yourself right back in the jewelry store looking for more… then think of the little spark she will feel every time she enters a room adorned with your gifts.


Just imagine how a piece of large furniture could change your partner’s daily life. Unique furniture makes a statement about your partner’s personality and adds zest and comfort to his or her daily life. A beautifully patterned chair will remind her of you each day, and a part of your home will help tell a romantic story about your relationship. Just imagine how much a new bed could update a room and let your partner know how much she is loved. Statistically speaking, furniture turnaround times (as opposed to the jewelry mentioned above) are very low indeed. Studies have shown that a single, sturdy and moderately well built piece of furniture has a typical life-span of 9-11 years!


So what are you waiting for?! Head on over to Madison Seating and buy him/her the gift that will last both in your home and in their hearts for over a decade!