thermochromic furniture

Thermochromic Furniture and the Thin Line Between Useful and Useless

So I came across this newly developed Thermochromic furniture concept while browsing one day, and while my initial reaction was one of enthusiastic wonder, after a few minutes of processing, I began to develop a bit of a different perspective.

But before I get too deep into the philosophical side of this post, why don’t you take a look at said ‘Thermochromic’ furniture for yourselves.

“Thermochromism is the property of substances to change color due to a change in temperature.”  – Thank you wikipedia.

So as you probably guessed thermochromic furniture basically just means furniture that reacts to body heat and will change colors where it comes in contact with said heat.

Take a look…

thermochromic furniture
thermochromic furniture
thermochromic furniture
thermochromic furniture

Now that you have had a chance to see it, I would like to share a short philosophical sentiment apropos to the above display.

‘The proverbial line between useful and useless is quiet narrow, the difference between them however, could not be more vast.”

I do not mean this to reflect in any way on the talented developers of these pieces, but I do have a simple observation.

“What is the point!?”

Its cool, different, maybe even trendy. But I fail to see any significant purpose this thermochromic furniture could possibly serve. Short of reminding you where your butt has just been parked for last few hours, or highlighting the exact spot where you placed your bowl of soup (hardly crucial information), I see very little if any opportunities for the practical application of this technology.

Maybe I’m missing something…