compostable furniture

Organic, Sustainable Furniture Made From…Cow Droppings?!

Sounds a little crazy doesn’t it?

Tel Aviv-based designer Adital Ela doesn’t think so.

The dome shaped stools (and stools they are, in more ways than one…) pictured above, are made entirely of recycled agricultural waste, such as compacted earth, construction debris and certain form of, ehhem, organic waste.

Ela has long been interested in designing and producing sustainable and eco-friendly products that will both benefit and empower the communities around her. For “Terra Bio Furniture,” she challenged herself as a “designer-gatherer” by building chairs and lampshades with these environmental ingredients, materials that most other people would consider worthless.

From the gathering of materials to the molding of the furniture, the production itself requires little more than elbow-grease, and the resulting product is both sturdy and (thankfully) odorless.

The best part is, if you ever got bored of them, you would need only wet them down and re-sculpt, your eco-friendly conversation-piece is good as new!