Modern Furniture Design: iTable

Good morning iNation,

For all you iProduct junkies out there, the blog that is your one stop resource for all things furniture now brings you the first generation iTable, complete with all the features and specs we have come to expect from top quality Apple products. Now you can text on your iPhone while listening to your iPod as you facetime on your iPad and work on your iMac all as you lounge on your sofa with your feet propped up on the iTable!

Steve Jobs would be proud.iTable

I’m not quite sure if you can actually buy this thing or, even if you could, if you would want to, but what strikes me about this concept is how much a sign-of-the-times it is. Smart phones in general and perhaps iPhones in particular have become so integrated into the collective psyche of our society that it seems we are starting to see this world of ours through iGlasses with iLenses, and that this iTable is yet another symbol of our infatuation with this iGeneration.

Not necessarily saying it’s a bad thing.

Anyhow if I were you i wouldn’t jump on this just yet because if it’s like any Apple product, the redesigned second generation is usually worth waiting for.

Have a great iDay!