Furniture from DNA

Furniture Uniquely Designed… Using Your Own DNA!

WIRED, a monthly American magazine and online periodical, ran this story a few weeks ago, and the piece caught my eye immediately.

Perhaps because the word furniture and the word DNA are not ones that are often used together in the same sentence.

While I am no science buff and certainly not a genetics expert, I was nonetheless interested to see what this curious concept was all about. It turns out that furniture design project, called “Future Nostalgia,” by the Amsterdam based design company named Tjep, is expected to exhibit the first line of its DNA furniture and jewelry, this month in Milan, Italy. The process takes genetic profiles, maps them with 3-D imaging and constructs pieces of furniture that, quite literally, capture a person’s essence.

Darwin TableWIRED magazine goes on to say “The signature piece of the first collection of DNA furniture is the Darwin Table, which, somewhat confusingly, isn’t made from Darwin’s DNA, but rather that of Giulia Wolthuis, a contemporary dancer (and daughter of Eric Wolthuis). The table’s 3-D design directly corresponds to its DNA mapping visual, capturing Giulia’s essence through form, according to Tjepkema (Frank Tjepkema, the founder and CEO of Tjep.). The table almost seems to mimic Giulia’s fluidity and motion as a dancer, with dips and curves that create a totally abstract shape. Some projects allow more artistic liberty, similar to how Tjepkema took the DNA mapping visuals and combined them with iconic symbols such as a heart and flowers for the jewelry collection.”

Sometimes I wonder how these people come up with such interesting and innovative ideas.