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A Madison Tale

A Madison Tale

December 25, 2012

A nostalgic smile, a far a way look,
’tis somewhat painful to remember,
How I was still without any gifts,
This time last December.

My friends had thought me idle,
My colleagues thought me lazy,
My kids had thought me suicidal!
My wife just called me crazy.

But I had searched and searched, I swear!
Shopped and shopped, and got nowhere,
For no matter the bargain, or the item I’d see,
There simply was nothing that appealed to me.

So there I was on that snowy eve,
Nary a knitted red sweater up my sleeve,
Suffice it to say, all kidding aside,
I came ever so close to sleeping to outside!

Vanity of Vanities

Vanity of Vanities

November 09, 2012


O’ vanity of Vanities,
thy name says it all,
You are my faithful servant maid,
my mirror on the wall.

You are my dearest friend,
my most impartial jury,
The source of my deepest joys,
and mornings full of fury.

The first to greet me when I rise,
my last “goodnight” before I sleep,
And the rigid truth within you lies,
no matter how I beg and weep.

You are always there to dress me well,
to prep me up and down,
As I consult with you before a date
or a night out on the town.

You know me as no other can,
you have seen me as I am,
you have seen the natural beauty,
that lies behind the glitz and glam.

I am thankful that you caught my eye,
on the day of our first meeting,
Thank you premier furniture site,
yes thank you Madison Seating.