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Madison Mythbusters: Interior Design Myths Debunked!

Madison Mythbusters: Interior Design Myths Debunked!

April 05, 2013

Crafting the layout and design of a room in your home or office can sometimes be a challenge. There are always so many decor options to choose from and so many different design trends and layout theories.

The following are five interior design myths that, as we address and expose them, should help cut down on some of the confusion of interior design and give you a better idea of what to do and how to go about doing it.

Madison Mythbusters: Debunking the Many Myths of Modern Furniture

Madison Mythbusters: Debunking the Many Myths of Modern Furniture

March 05, 2013

Modern furniture has come a long way these past few years. With a constant influx of  new concepts and unique designs, the modern furniture options are growing steadily by the day. And yet, there remain some unfortunate myths and misconceptions surrounding the modernistic style that might still be holding some people back.

MYTH #1: Modern Furniture is too Ostentatious.
For the longest time, modern furniture was viewed by many as being just a little too pretentious and extravagant, expensive and loud. And while this may be true of some modernistic pieces, I think you would be surprised at some of the functionality-first, sensibly stylish designs that are out there today. Convenience and comfort are it’s first priorities, with the aesthetics being more of an added bonus.

Madison Mythbusters: Leather Furniture

Madison Mythbusters: Leather Furniture

February 26, 2013

Good morning all!

In this new series entitled Madison Mythbusters, brought to you by Madison Seating, we will be posting articles examining and perhaps debunking many of the myths, legends and old-wives-tales of the furniture world.

The first installment of this series will address 5 common misconceptions regarding leather furniture.

Lets dive right in…