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  • Freaky Furniture Friday Part II

    Freaky Furniture Friday Part II

      TGIF people! And in keeping with the (newly made-up) Madison Seating Blog tradition, it’s time to get freeeeeeeaky! Check out these freakish furniture creations,  and, to help set the mood, go ahead and picture yourself waking up in the middle of the night to answer a call of nature, and stumbling around in Victorian […]

  • Freaky Furniture Friday

    Freaky Furniture Friday

    It’s Friday people, so let’s get freaky! This collection of freaky furniture combines elements of the morbid and macabre. Personally I struggle to understand the mind that has dedicated itself to the conceptualization and creation of these pieces, but hey, who am I to judge right? after all, I am posting them on my blog… […]