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Aeron Summer Sale!

Aeron Summer Sale!

July 26, 2013

Have you been biding your time, practicing the whole “patience is a virtue” thing all the while looking for that perfect opportunity to swoop in purchase your new Aeron Chair? Well, if you have then I’ve got some great news for ya, your virtuous mission of self-restraint is over! There has never been a better opportunity to purchase a new Aeron than right now at the Annual Aeron Summer Sale going on now at Madison Seating.

Aeron Chair: An Aeron Born Every 17 Seconds

Aeron Chair: An Aeron Born Every 17 Seconds

July 12, 2013

Using east Asian techniques imported from Toyota, the Herman Miller manufacturing company has achieved incredible efficiency while empowering its workers.

Aeron Chair by Herman Miller

Aeron Chair by Herman Miller

July 03, 2013

Any conversation that begins with “office chair” must inevitably turn to the great and incomparable Aeron by Herman Miller. The very embodiment of ergonomic perfection and unanimously held to be the perfect office chair, the Aeron has been the gold standard for as long as it has been on the market. Loaded with incredible features and custom-crafted by the unrivaled masters of office chair design at Herman Miller the aeron continues to reign supreme and unchallenged in the world of office furniture.

Aeron Chair – 5 Reasons to Buy One Now

Aeron Chair – 5 Reasons to Buy One Now

June 07, 2013

Ok, no beating around the bush here… let’s dive right in…

Reason #1 – Unparalleled Quality:

With the Aeron Chair by Herman Miller you get only the absolute finest quality in material and design. The legendary Office Chair manufacturers are renowned for their superior quality and attention to detail. With the purchase of an Aeron you can rest assured that you are receiving an item that is of the highest standard and second to none in quality craftsmanship.

Reason #2 – Unique Ergonomic Design:

One of the primary benefits of owning a top-quality Office Chair, is the incredible difference in posture and ergonomics that the superior design of a chair such as the Aeron will afford. All of the sudden you will feel more energized after sitting for long periods of time at the office, and needless to say the amount of strain and wear that it will save on you spine and back muscles is priceless!

Annual Aeron™ Chair Blowout Sale!

Annual Aeron™ Chair Blowout Sale!

May 30, 2013

Madison Seating has recently announced it’s annual Aeron™ Blowout Sale, with ridiculously low prices and amazing deals. So if you’ve been in the market for a new office chair and you’ve been biding your time, well, your moment has come! With savings starting at 25% percent and reaching an incredible 47% on some products, now is the time and Madison Seating is the place.

Aeron™ Chair.

Aeron™ Chair.

May 20, 2013

Hey everybody,

So it’s been awhile since we last discussed the Aeron™ here on the Madison Seating Blog and I thought today would be as good a day as any to revisit what is perhaps the greatest piece of office furniture ever invented.

There is certainly no need to reiterate the superlative accolades of the Aeron chair itself, the reviews, testimonials and user ratings are all out there and they more than speak for themselves. I would, however, like to focus on a particular, lesser known fact about the Aeron in today’s post.

The Mirra Chair, by Herman Miller

The Mirra Chair, by Herman Miller

February 13, 2013

When we think of the iconic executive chair manufacturer Herman Miller, we  generally tend to think of the Aeron™ and rightly so. The Aeron™ has certainly cemented it’s place at the very top of the ergonomic totem pole, with it’s unparalleled ergonomic design and standard of comfort.

However, the Mirra, also by Herman Miller, may be one of the few other ergonomic options that may be mentioned in the same breath as it’s big brother, the Aeron™.

The Mirra is a design that was achieved with international cooperation by Herman Miller and Studio 7.5, a German design firm. It’s also certified, 96% recyclable and 42% fabricated with material derived from recycled resources.

Here are just a few of the specs on this uber-ergonmic masterpiece…

Madison Seating Featured Product: Aeron Headrest

Madison Seating Featured Product: Aeron Headrest

January 28, 2013

Believe me when I say, no Aeron™ chair is ever complete without the stylish, ergonomic and comfort maximizing Aeron™ headrest.

Pictured above, this Aeron™ headrest may very well be the ultimate complementary item in the broad and diverse world of furniture accessories. The ultimate headrest for the ultimate executive chair. An accessory option no self-respecting “Aeronite” should be without.

Madison Seating Featured Product: Aeron™ by Herman Miller

Madison Seating Featured Product: Aeron™ by Herman Miller

January 08, 2013

Good morning all, today I would like to introduce a new Madison Seating Blog series entitled ‘Madison Seating Featured Product’,  where every now and then we shall post an exclusive new furniture item, hot deal or featured product from the vast inventory of

Let us begin at the top of the office chair food chain, at the very pinnacle of executive furniture, with an item that features the very latest in furniture design and engineering, ladies and gentleman…(drum roll please), the Aeron™ by Herman miller

A Corporate Holiday Gift From Madison Seating

A Corporate Holiday Gift From Madison Seating

December 24, 2012

In the spirit of the holidays (and due, in part, to overwhelming feelings of giddiness and relief at our being spared in the recent Mayan apocalypse… not so much…) the sales team here at Madison Seating is making corporations and small businesses around the country an offer so compelling that we cannot even post the exact terms online!

Suffice it to say, Saint Nick and his elves would be proud!

Ode to The Aeron™

Ode to The Aeron™

November 30, 2012

Like the tyrannical medieval kings, who reigned with black hearts and iron fists.
Like the emperors of old, who dominated the great civilizations of the past.
Like the mighty monarchs of  biblical worlds, who ruled with wisdom and kindness.
Like the ancient pharaohs, upon their thrones.
Like Solomon, King of Kings, who sat amongst the lions.
So stand the modern monarchs, they who sit upon the Aeron™  Throne.

Capitalist, entrepreneur, CEO.
The conquerors of today.
They sit upon the Aeron™.

Admiral of the executive board,
As he directs his commercial fleet,
He sits upon the Aeron™.

The corporate legal Baron,
As he wages epic battles,
He sits upon the Aeron™.

The Tech world wizards,
As they weave their programming spells,
They sit upon the Aeron™.

Just as there can be no ruler without his lavish throne.
There can be no chairman without his Aeron™.

Your Aeron™  is here.
Your Aeron™ awaits.

Aeron™ Chair, the Untold Story…

Aeron™ Chair, the Untold Story…

November 08, 2012

Yup, as the title so subtly suggests, we are back to my favorite topic – The Aeron™ ergonomic miracle chair by Herman Miller.

Today’s  post concerns a much lesser known aspect of the Aeron™ chair, it’s history and development. We are all familiar with the Aeron™ as the quintessential must have office accessory of the modern workplace. To those in the know, the Aeron™ is both an ultimate comfort item and coveted status symbol. To be an Aeron™ user, is to be the proud owner of an office chair that is sleek, stylish and on the cutting edge of ergonomic design.

News flash, it was not intended to be that way. Not at all.