Madison Seating is happy to announce the following special black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals:

1.  Aeron Chair Blowout Sale!

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal includes a Free headrest, Free leather armrest finish and Free upgraded casters.

Aeron Chairs are state of the art assertions of elegance and ergonomic design, born from the creative and exacting minds at Herman Miller. The Aeron Chair Loaded is at the vanguard of luxury and cutting edge technology. Used widely in fortune 500 companies and Hollywood sets, this chair is amongst the most popular in the market today.

The innovative design makes the Aeron Chair ideal for the office or home space environment. Its focuses on the way your pelvis tilts naturally forward, so that your spine stays aligned and you avoid back pain.The strong suspension distributes your weight evenly over the back and seat while conforming to your body type.

Its fashion inspired ergonomic mesh seat and backrest relieves pressure on your upper and lower back, legs, and torso enhancing your feeling of overall wellness. With its specially designed lumbar support, the Aeron remains the leader in design and comfort. Your body is ever-changing and adapting to its environment, and the Aeron chair does so as well.


  • Carbon Color with Graphite Frame
  • Tension Control
  • Height Adjustment
  • Adjustable Lumbar Support or Posture-Fit System Available

Although we are not Herman Miller authorized dealers, all our chairs are backed by a 30 day No-risk, hassle-free return policy. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied your chair will be taken back for a full refund.


2. Save Big on Leap Chair V1 Low Back in Leather + Free Shipping

The Leap chair by Steelcase has a back
that changes shape to support
the entire spine. This can reduce
the chance of lower back sag and a
hunched posture, which may
weaken disc walls, stress back ligaments
and cause deterioration of the spine.
With its Natural Glide System As
you recline: the seat glides forward
so you can recline without leaving
your Vision and Reach Zone, so you
stay oriented to your work. This
encourages more varied postures so
there’s less static load on the spine.



3. 25% Off Freedom Task Chair by Humanscale

The Freedom chair is designed to
give the maximum ergonomic
benefit to the sitter with a minimum
number of manually-adjusted controls.
Once the chair is fitted, no further
adjustment is required. The idea is that
movement, which is essential for a
healthy body, should not be constricted
by locking mechanisms and manual
controls. In other words, sitting
comfortably is not something you
should have to think about.


  • Standard Hard Casters for carpeted floors
  • Standard Seat Cylinder accommodates 95% of the population
  • Base Matching the frame color
  • Weight: 35 lbs


Happy Thanksgiving from Madison Seating