Holiday Gift Ideas: Unico Office Chair by Zuo Modern

Good morning all,

(Please indulge me for a moment folks as I succumb to the obvious and inevitable play on words here, even if it is somewhat less than clever….)

Looking for a “unique” gift? The Unico Office Chair by Zuo Modern is certainly “Unique’O”!

Cringe-worthy, I know…

But it’s the truth.

The Unico, with it’s contemporary appeal and futuristic design, is perhaps the one Office Chair gift option that will all but guarantee you first place in the office “gift-giving” contest, and you may even start to notice some none-to-subtle improvements in the attitudes of those who may not have been the “friendliest” of co-workers in the past. It may begin with just a compliment or two, perhaps an extra doughnut from the company cafeteria, or “straight to the front of the line” privileges at the coffee machine. All of the sudden you get an unexpected raise,  are given your own reserved parking spot, and a few days before Christmas you are called into corporate headquarters so the CEO himself can give you the news that you have been promoted to head your department! (You may or may not have caught the six or seven hints he dropped about how much he hates his old office chair and “could really use a classy replacement”…)

Ok, maybe I got a little carried away there, but hey you never know! After all, the secret to good gift giving, is to give something  a) that the recipient will value, b) that the recipient will actually use on a regular basis and c) that will in some way improve the general quality of life for said recipient.

The Unico meets all these requirements and more.
Some Cool Features of the Unico:

  • Rolling Base
  • Locking Tilt
  • Adjustable Armrests
  • Easy to clean Huback Leatherette Cushions


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Who would you give a Unico to?