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Defenestration, The Art of Falling Furniture

I will be the first to admit that there have been some rather unorthodox furniture concepts discussed on this blog in the past, but today’s post is perhaps the strangest and most unorthodox of all.

Here at Madison Seating we are intrigued by all things furniture related, and appreciate different furniture concepts and designs both for their functionality and the occasional element of art and abstract design. But even we will admit that, while the subject of this blog post may have been around for a while (since 1997 to be exact) , it still remains by far and away one of the most unique and “different” interpretations of furniture we’ve ever seen.

The work itself, entitled “Defenestration”, which literally means “to throw out of a window”, is a site-specific work of art located at the corner of Sixth and Howard Streets in San Francisco in an abandoned four-story tenement building. And in the words of its creator artist Brian Goggin “the site is part of a neighborhood that historically has faced economic challenges and has often endured the stigma of skid row status. Reflecting the harsh experience of many members of the community, the furniture is of the streets, cast-off and unappreciated. The simple, unpretentious beauty and humanity of these downtrodden objects is reawakened through the action of the piece. The act of “throwing out” becomes an uplifting gesture of release, inviting reflection on the spirit of the people we live with, the objects we encounter, and the places in which we live.”

Take a look…

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