Drafting Chair

Know Your Furniture: Drafting Chairs

If you are not familiar with the concept of drafting and drafting chairs, seeing one for the first time could prompt you to wonder if the designers were just a wee-bit distracted when they rolled out this particular model. They truly do seem like a chair design gone wrong. The truth is however, drafting chairs are a god-send for all engineers and workplace professionals who work long hours at tall or oddly shaped desks and tables.

Drafting stools were the choice of engineers before the drafting chairs came on the market. The issue however was that, drafting stools were far less functional and as far as ergonomics go they did not compare to drafting chairs. You may as well compare a school chair and a sofa. Drafting Chairs are specially designed to support the back and cut down on back aches from long hours at a desk.

For engineers and people who require a good chair, there are a number of reasons however why a normal chair just wouldn’t cut it.

The flexibility that you will find with most drafting chairs is unparalleled. In addition to providing effortlessly side to side movement, the swivel and turning mechanisms are designed to provide enhanced ergonomics and functionality.

As anyone who works long hours at a desk each day knows, there is simply no substitute for a comfortable chair that is designed to meet there requirements. Drafting chairs come with padding all over and not to mention in all the right places too. Their design is mainly based around body contours and ergonomics. Unlike most other chairs, a good drafting chair will save you many back problems.

Here at Madison Seating we offer an extensive selection of drafting chairs and stools, so if you happen to be in the market for a new top-quality, ergonomic and stylish drafting chair or stool, check us out, we are confident that you will not be disappointed.