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Sectional Sofa’s by Abbyson Living

Sectional Sofa’s by Abbyson Living

June 27, 2013

With a careful and intricately balanced relationship of design, size and comfort, the all new Devonshire top-grain leather sectional is the kind of must-have furniture piece that can add timeless luxury to the most important place in your home. This exclusive collection captures the grand styling of old warm charm while providing an added contemporary flair to any living space. This beautiful leather sectional was designed for the discerning individual with an eye for both comfort and class.

Know Your Furniture: The Chaise Longue

Know Your Furniture: The Chaise Longue

November 12, 2012

Good morning to you all,


This new series entitled “Know Your Furniture”,  is intended in part to remedy a particular injustice in the furniture world. We’ve all been there, standing around a kitchen or living room, cocktails in hand listening to a super-snobbish friend or neighbor describe in excruciating detail the profound nature and exquisite history of their newest furniture acquisition. The group around you listens politely, maybe they have some idea of what this self styled furniture guru is talking about but you wouldn’t be surprised if they were just as clueless as you and were simply employing the exact same strategy that has you looking fascinated, smiling and desperately trying to nod and sigh in the right places.

Great Furniture Deals for Experts and Amateurs Alike

Great Furniture Deals for Experts and Amateurs Alike

November 07, 2012

Hail to the chief!

America has spoken.

President Obama is… Well… President. Again.

Now back to the important things in life, furniture.

In today’s economic climate, conscientious furniture buyers are always on the lookout for a good deal. Today I would like to turn the spotlight on Madison Seating’s extensive line-up of quality and wallet friendly pieces in their Living Room collection. Their entire living room department has been meticulously assembled by their trained in-house designers with two objectives in mind, comfort and design. That’s why you’ll see a wide range of top quality sofas and ottomans, TV units, chairs, and complete collections all constructed with the best materials by top designers complete with the reliability only offered by established manufacturers.

The Ultimate Mulititasking Must Have Furniture Item!

The Ultimate Mulititasking Must Have Furniture Item!

November 02, 2012

Good morning y’all,

Today, I would like to take a moment to recognize one of the most talented and capable pieces of contemporary furniture that I believe often goes unnoticed. This unheralded hero of the living room may not always be the center of attention at parties or get the same amount of press that some of the other pieces do, but that does not keep it from selflessly serving in it’s varied and versatile ways.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Sofa Bed.