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  • Best Outdoor Furniture

    Best Outdoor Furniture

    We spend the bulk of our time here on the Madison Seating Blog discussing the finer points of indoor home or office furniture, and I would like to dedicate this post to the unsung furniture heroes who are asked to continually brave the elements of the great outdoors, while still providing functional comfort on demand. […]

  • Walking Desks. Furniture or Fad?

    Walking Desks. Furniture or Fad?

    The “walking” or “treadmill”  desk is the perfect remedy for those of us who have had a gym membership for the past five years and are still gearing up for our first visit. It’s trendy, sensible and it’s potential benefits could fill a blogpost of their own. It seems that this is a growing furniture […]

  • Annual Aeron™ Chair Blowout Sale!

    Annual Aeron™ Chair Blowout Sale!

    Madison Seating has recently announced it’s annual Aeron™ Blowout Sale, with ridiculously low prices and amazing deals. So if you’ve been in the market for a new office chair and you’ve been biding your time, well, your moment has come! With savings starting at 25% percent and reaching an incredible 47% on some products, now […]

  • Lenovo Tablet Furniture

    Lenovo Tablet Furniture

    As modern societies touchscreen tablet craze continues to grow, the creators of some of the latest gadgets are taking their product development philosophy to a whole new level. Typically, the tech companies would roll out a new product or design, and leave it up to the consumer to find a way to integrate it into […]

  • Aeron™ Chair.

    Aeron™ Chair.

    Hey everybody, So it’s been awhile since we last discussed the Aeron™ here on the Madison Seating Blog and I thought today would be as good a day as any to revisit what is perhaps the greatest piece of office furniture ever invented. There is certainly no need to reiterate the superlative accolades of the […]

  • Fitness Furniture – The Ultimate Piece of Home Workout Equipment

    Fitness Furniture – The Ultimate Piece of Home Workout Equipment

    For most people with back pain or stiffness, chairs of any kind are usually avoided at all costs. Even for those who are fortunate enough (or simply, still young enough…) to be pain and stiffness free, but who spend large portions of their day seated, at a desk or in the office, no doubt recognize […]

  • Fiore Floral Accent Chair

    Fiore Floral Accent Chair

    The Fiore Floral Accent Chair by Wholesale Interiors, is the furniture worlds equivalent  of a beautiful spring flower garden or exquisite landscape painting. Nothing brightens a room or living space like exuberant, colorful fabrics and flower print furniture, and the Fiore Floral Accent Chair is the perfect furniture item to remind the rest of the […]

  • Burst Mirror by Zuo Modern

    Burst Mirror by Zuo Modern

    The Burst Mirror by Zuo Modern From time immemorial, mirrors have adorned the walls of the wealthy and the poor,  symbolic of  both vanity and mystical reflection, an obsession for some and bane and a burden for others. Designed and purchased as much for their artistic and aesthetic appeal as for any pragmatic consideration, mirrors […]

  • Stackable Suitcase Furniture

    Stackable Suitcase Furniture

    Aptly named “Chest of Suitcases” and designed by maarten de ceulaer working closely with famed leather artisan ralph baggaley, this furniture design project is the perfect example of the ingenious and breathtaking pieces that can result when the two worlds of art and furniture stride confidently towards one another, meet, lock eyes and dance a […]

  • Stacking Chairs

    Stacking Chairs

    As furniture goes, stacking chairs are just about as convenient and as economical as it gets. Perfect for any situation in which large amounts of seating space is needed temporarily or on an intermittent basis.  They are usually light, durable and of course, easy to stack and store.

  • Orbit Lounge Chair by Nuevo Living

    Orbit Lounge Chair by Nuevo Living

    Orbit Lounge Chair by Nuevo Living Inspired by the futuristic nature of space age design, the Orbit Modern Chair offers a womb like-retreat where one can cuddle up with a good book, watch a movie, or listen to a favorite tune. easily capable of  matching any decor, this piece has a steel frame with steel […]

  • Transformable Furniture From Yuya Ushida

    Designer Yuya Ushida has developed ‘XXXX_’ a transformable furniture system made of a series of contracting and expanding sub-parts. When manipulated, the furniture transforms as needed. Its amorphous natural shape reconfiguring to produce sofas, stools, tables and benches, which are just a few of the pieces that can be created from the eight different elements […]