Aeron Throne

Ode to The Aeron™

Like the tyrannical medieval kings, who reigned with black hearts and iron fists.
Like the emperors of old, who dominated the great civilizations of the past.
Like the mighty monarchs of  biblical worlds, who ruled with wisdom and kindness.
Like the ancient pharaohs, upon their thrones.
Like Solomon, King of Kings, who sat amongst the lions.
So stand the modern monarchs, they who sit upon the Aeron™  Throne.

Capitalist, entrepreneur, CEO.
The conquerors of today.
They sit upon the Aeron™.

Admiral of the executive board,
As he directs his commercial fleet,
He sits upon the Aeron™.

The corporate legal Baron,
As he wages epic battles,
He sits upon the Aeron™.

The Tech world wizards,
As they weave their programming spells,
They sit upon the Aeron™.

Just as there can be no ruler without his lavish throne.
There can be no chairman without his Aeron™.

Your Aeron™  is here.
Your Aeron™ awaits.