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Space Saving Furniture Ideas

Space Saving Furniture Ideas

February 12, 2013

From bunk beds to futons, space saving furniture has long been a  sought after commodity by those looking to maximize the utility of their living space. Let’s face it, we’ve all been there. Whether it was in your college dorm room, your first apartment in the city, or your small childhood bedroom shared with four brothers.

In the above video, renowned furniture import company Resource Furniture, redefines the term “space saving furniture” as they bring it to a whole new level, using contemporary and highly functional designs.


Hervé Van der Straeten, Art or Furniture?

Hervé Van der Straeten, Art or Furniture?

February 11, 2013

So often the line between furniture and art, the very thinnest of lines to begin with, can become so thin as to disappear altogether. Through the annals of history, great furniture designs and designers have been lauded more as art and artist, than mere craft and craftsman.

The same holds true today, even as the proverbial dividing line may have widened a little, as the great corporate machines churn out mass productions of pragmatic and functional furniture, there still remain those few visionaries, nay, artists, of the furniture world, whose finished pieces are as much a work of art as they are furniture.

Dynamic furniture maker Hervé Van der Straeten is a perfect example.

Last week in Chelsea, the opening night of a new 35-piece collection from the Paris-based furniture designer lit up the 15,000-square-foot loft space at Pucci International, among the finest furniture galleries in the United States, why not have a look for yourself…

Madison Seating Featured Product: Love in Paris Office Desk

Madison Seating Featured Product: Love in Paris Office Desk

February 08, 2013


TGIF, am I right?

This weeks Madison Seating Featured Product is an inimitable and truly one of a kind desk. It certainly doesn’t get more original than this eye catching and truly unique piece. Needless to say, the particular design theme of this desk makes it quite the appropriate Valentine’s day gift,  while it’s fresh and risque personality would make it a stand-out piece among any home or office collection.

Pretty neat, wouldn’t you say?

Valentines Day Furniture

Valentines Day Furniture

February 07, 2013

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner I thought I would dedicate today’s post to the ethereal and mysterious idea that is romance.

True love is nothing if not incorporeal and abstract, but it’s expressions are often very material indeed. A symbolic gesture or gift can sometimes contain within itself a depth of feeling that may otherwise be incommunicable.

Hence the Valentines Day tradition of exchanging gifts with a “significant other”.

Some of you may be wondering, and rightly so, how this could possibly relate in any way to our passion and pride here at Madison Seating, furniture.

The answer, ladies and gentlemen, is in these photos below…

From Fire Fights to Furniture

From Fire Fights to Furniture

February 06, 2013

So I came across this interesting furniture concept and thought I would share, but first, a brief tribute to the veterans of that great war.

From a grateful nation, we say thank you.

Speaking as one who’s paternal grandfather fought in WWII, the single greatest and most pivotal war in the history of our great country, I feel I echo the sentiments of all true-hearted Americans when I say that we will never forget the heroes and heroines who sacrificed everything fighting the evils of tyranny on distant shores.

We salute you. God bless you. God bless America.

Super Bowl Furniture

Super Bowl Furniture

February 05, 2013

In tribute to the greatest national sporting event of the year, I thought I might share with you all some of the more appropriate Super Bowl furniture items on the market from past Super Bowl match-ups

Trending: Mirrored Furniture

Trending: Mirrored Furniture

February 04, 2013

Mirrors have the unique and impressive  design ability to visually expand your space while adding a touch of style. Traditionally, a household mirror, or “looking glass” as they were archaically know, was a primarily functional item, that although decorative and at times ornate, was mostly used for the practical purpose of self-grooming or admiring oneself.

Recently, growing market trends have begun to take advantage of the “Mirrored” concept and have expanded its role in modern furniture design. Lately, mirrored accents have been appearing on everything from desks and dressers to coffee tables and even wastebaskets. The trend appears to have gained real traction with consumers and it seems a new mirrored furniture design comes out every few months.

Here are a few examples…

Freaky Furniture Friday

Freaky Furniture Friday

February 01, 2013

It’s Friday people, so let’s get freaky!

This collection of freaky furniture combines elements of the morbid and macabre. Personally I struggle to understand the mind that has dedicated itself to the conceptualization and creation of these pieces, but hey, who am I to judge right? after all, I am posting them on my blog…

Needless to say, we don’t actually carry any of these unorthodox furniture pieces at Madison Seating