NEW! Madison Seating 5-Year Furniture Protection Plan!!

Protect your furniture investment
Protect your furniture investment with Madison Seating 5-Year Furniture Protection Plan!

You know the feeling, you’ve just made a big purchase online, a brand new dinning room set, or perhaps a pricy and long awaited bedroom set. As you click the “checkout” button and complete your purchase, a small avalanche of consequent emotions cascade over you. Relief; as all those tedious hours of researching, web-surfing and price-comparing are now behind you. Elation; because hitting that button meant that the furniture item of your dreams is already on it’s way. Pride; in having successfully navigated the vagaries of online shopping, and having come out on top with the perfect item, model, design and color. But then, as you close your browser and begin to rise from your seat at the computer, you are suddenly struck by another, less desirable emotion, a small twinge of fear. What if something were to somehow happen to this expensive masterpiece, something dreadful like a stain! (it is at this point that you remember last thanksgiving when Aunt Bertha, reaching ostensibly for the potatoes, knocked over the gravy boat, which tipped and deposited its contents onto her seat, staining the immaculate white cushion of her chair…) These thoughts undoubtedly unsettle you a little, and you think to yourself “wouldn’t it be great if I could somehow insure my furniture against just such an event…”.

Well, if the site you had used to make this purchase was, then your peace of mind would have been no more than a few clicks away! Because, Madison Seating is now offering insurance options for the protection of your investment!

And in case you are thinking that a plan such a this would be unnecessary considering that the item is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, it’s worth noting here that this plan covers things no manufacturer would ever cover!

So now, for a brief overview of the options:

Option #1: Stain Protection Plan
Covers stains on Fabric & Leather excluding accumulation.

Option #2: Extended Protection Plan
Covers stains on Fabric, Leather & Wood excluding accumulation.
Also covers:

  • Burns.
  • Rips.
  • Tears.
  • Punctures.
  • Water or Beverage Marks or Rings Breakage of Glass or Mirrors.
  • Peeling of the Finish of Solid Wood or Veneer Surfaces.

Seriously folks, that’s about as airtight as it gets!

Best of all, if the impossible were to happen, and your item remains stain free for the entire duration of the five-year term, then you will receive the value of the plan to use toward the purchase of new piece of furniture at Madison Seating! So keep an eye out for the little insurance selector box when buying an expensive item on our site.

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That’s all for today, but stay tuned for more news and releases.